How Keywords Selection Can Literally Make Or Break Your Online Business

Keyword selection is very important in almost all aspects of internet marketing

and when you are dealing with search engine optimization it can very easily be

the most important concept you will ever encounter.

Because of the competition that is typically seen within search engine optimization

today for most keywords it is almost impossible for a person to get top rankings

for the most popular keywords.

Because of this it becomes very important to pick the right keywords for your search

engine optimization efforts and this indeed, can quite literally make or break your


Here are some tips to help you choose the right keywords in order to use with your


Middle of the Road: The biggest mistake most novice internet marketers make today is

that when they are just starting out they choose keywords that have traffic counts

at both extremes of the chart.

Keywords with high traffic are going to be too difficult to compete in right from the

start and keywords with low traffic are not worth optimizing for. Your initial goal

should be to find a few good keywords from the middle of the traffic counts that you

can easily optimize for.

Targeting: The first point is actually quite compatible with this second tip which is

choosing the keywords that allow you to target your efforts as well as possible.

Example:You are optimizing your website for the term ''weight loss'' because you are

selling a book about weigh loss, Don't you thing that people searching for a keyword

like ''weight loss book'' would perhaps be more interested in buying your product?

It is important for you to look at things from the point of view of your customer and

then act accordingly. Doing so will allow you to go a long way towards making your

efforts efficient.


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