How to Incorporate Viral Marketing Techniques to Your Internet Marketing Arsenal

Viral marketing is not the last disease found, nor a virus to your desktop ... Reading this article is not contagious and nobody has yet found a vaccine! Viral marketing is everywhere and in every corner of the cyberspace. Here's how the virus spreads and how to take advantage of its benefits. At the beginning it is discreet, he lives in secret and almost nobody knows, then it spreads more and more by the use of your resources, it is growing more and nothing can stop it!

Viral marketing on the Internet is the equivalent of word of mouth in everyday life. Your message spreads from an email to another, for example, or by another means. All strategies can be used to get your announcement to as many Internet users. The more your message will be visible, the most people will spread it. Some strategies, however, are more effective than others. Here's how you can include or modify your current strategy with a few new elements.

Be generous by offering something for free.

What is the most powerful and most used word in viral marketing? "free". The reason is simple: to attract the widest possible attention of all Internet users. Offer a few free quality products and services. For example, to download software, games, screen savers, free email services, e-books, the possibility of recommending your site to a friend ...

Be creative.

From a marketing point of view, your message must be as simple as possible for a better memory, pronunciation and transmission without being corrupted. Shorter is better, more people will remember. For example: ''Get your free personalized email today'' This message is significant, simple, comprehensive and can be copied to all emails to be sent via your server.

Better Contamination

Cough when you approach someone for a better contamination of the virus. The viral marketing has a similar behaviour, it diffuses the best when it can be transmitted easily. Your message may look like an email, logos, graphics, books, files, site, software download ... All means of conveying your image should be used. In this way, viral marketing works very well because it is simple to use and inexpensive. Multiply therefore technical solutions and support to get the maximum efficiency, but make sure your logistics system can survive. It would be a shame if your site is inaccessible because of its success.

Become famous.

Put your message in all places you can. Use the resources belonging to other users. If you write articles for another publication or another site, ask what appears on the site to contain the address of your site. For more visits, you can use article distribution service for more viral marketing impact.

Even if you do not know your next-door neighbour, nobody lives totally alone and isolated from the world. Everyone is connected to a group of people such as family, friends, coworkers, friends, knowledge ... And that is where we should enjoy! The Internet also develop relations with the emails, instant messaging systems, virtual communities and the sites themselves. If you put your message in the right place and at the right time, you have great chances to increase its dispersion and therefore its impact.

To Your Success!


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