Searching for Success: How Google Became Great

“When Sergey and I founded Google, we hoped, but did not expect, it would reach its current size and influence,” says Page. “Our intense and enduring interest was to objectively help people find information efficiently.” Indeed, for the past ten years, Google has been helping people navigate the Internet and find precisely what they were looking for. From providing people with life-saving information to helping breakdown global barriers, Google’s impact on the world is undeniable. How did two university dropouts transform their simple idea into a billion dollar company?

Morals: Many critics have questioned Page and Brin’s attempt to maintain their principles at the helm of a billion dollar company, calling it poor business sense. But, these Google founders have managed to prove that being profitable does not have to come at the expense of one’s sense of right and wrong. “Our users trust Google's objectivity and no short-term gain could ever justify breaching that trust,” says Page. Indeed, it is their mantra of ‘Don’t be evil’, which has allowed them to prosper and has earned them the respect of their users.

Innovation: “Through innovation and iteration, Google takes something that works well and improves upon it in unexpected ways,” says Page. From day one, Google has staked its reputation on developing innovative technologies and products that continue to change the way the world runs. Page and Brin managed to soar past the competition at an early stage. But, they know all too well that remaining complacent with their achievements thus far would lead to their downfall. Thus, Google remains committed to serving the needs of its users in the present while keeping on eye on the future.

Vision: Google does search. The company’s founders knew that by sticking to one thing and doing that really well, Google could prosper. By being committed to a single vision and refusing to get distracted by other potentially prosperous opportunities, Google has become an industry leader.

Teamwork: “We are focused on providing an environment where talented, hard working people are rewarded for their contributions to Google and for making the world a better place,” says Page. By emphasizing teamwork and rewarding innovation and creativity, Google has become one of the most desirable companies to work for. The company has thus managed to attract the brightest from all around the world and maintain its competitive edge.

Priorities: “Always deliver more than expected,” says Page. “Google does not accept being the best as an endpoint, but a starting point.” Google’s number one priority is on serving the user and creating the world’s most efficient and precise search engine. “We try to make more and more stuff available to people,” says Page. “We try to, when you come to Google, fulfill that need that you have as quickly as possible.”

Brin sees the success of Google in broad terms. “To me, this is about preserving history and making it available to everyone,” he says. Meanwhile, Page refuses to stop and reflect, claiming that the work is never done. “In a couple of years, I may be blown away by it, but now I’m just involved and worry about it,” he says. “I don’t want to be too complacent.”

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