How To Get Unlimited Vacations with Global Resort Network

Global Resort Network is a membership program that was created to help their members find top-rated accommodations at many locations throughout the world. Members can simply log into the company's website, select a vacation, make a reservation and pay the incredibly low weekly fee. Only four easy steps and their vacation spot is planned and secure. A superb customer service staff is readily available to help members with any problems that they may have that are related to planning their vacation.

Most vacations that are planned through the Global Resort Network program are a week long consisting of eight days and seven nights. Unlike, other vacation programs, you are typically able to choose on what day of the week you would like your vacation to begin. If you have available time left, you can schedule two or more weeks in a row at the same destination to increase your vacation time. This option is available for all members but each week you stay will be counted and charged as separate week. Occasionally, Global Resort Network offers special deals that include vacations that are between three to five nights and they are also available to members for a discounted rate.

Global Resort Network is only comprised of the best accommodations in the world. Much research goes into selecting each location and they all must match Global Resort Networks high standard. All accommodations include large spacious living quarters, fully equipped kitchens, beautiful bedroom and rooms with great views. Many spots include swimming pools, fitness centers and various adult and children activities. These locations are of timeshare quality without the high costs of a timeshare.

Destinations are chosen by Global Resort Network by what are known popular tourist destinations and member's suggestions. Currently, there are over 5,000 destinations to choose from but the staff at Global Resort Network is continuously searching for more accommodations in different locations. They pride themselves on having a wide array of choices for their members to select from including beach resorts, mountain getaways, popular European city and well-known sites within smaller countries like Thailand. Once you become a member, you will be amazed by the great number of locations you can choose to spend your next vacation in.

Global Resort Network offers a great price on membership with a Platinum membership costing $2,995 per year and a God membership costing $1,495 for a three-year membership. Considering all of the great benefits that are included with a membership, Global Resort Network members find these membership fees to be very reasonable. Only with your memberships comes an extremely low reduced rate for weeklong vacations across the globe. A Platinum member can expect to pay between $298 and $699 for a week's stay at any of the listed destination. A Gold member should plan on paying between $398 and $699 for a week vacation at any listed location.

While gold members are limited to three weeks of vacation every year, Platinum members are granted an unlimited supply of vacation time. There literally is no limitation on how many vacations throughout the year they may take. Vacation planning was never so easy.


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