Internet Marketing For Travel Agents: Beneficial Aspects

Technology is the one constant change in our lives, it continues to evolve and advance like nothing else on earth. With the internet becoming so prominent in our personal and business lives we need to update and keep pace with change. This article deals with internet marketing for travel agents and how it can be beneficial to them. Internet marketing is quite simply defined as the marketing of products and services through the internet. It may also be referred to as online marketing or e-marketing. Choosing to use internet marketing for travel agents is really a decision that individual companies need to make. However, this is one of the most powerful mediums of advertising and reaching the largest audience possible.

Travel agents are an institution that has acted as an intermediary between the airline and the consumer. Sometimes wholesale travel companies may be involved in the relationship. The internet has brought with it a huge set of challenges, opportunities and benefits for the travel industry. One of the most serious threats faced by travel agents from the internet is the opportunity for airline companies to target consumers directly to sell their services.

In order to counteract the threat from reduced business due to the internet, travel agents need to use internet marketing to its full potential to target customers and bring in business. In business you can either join the crowd, striving to stand out or fold up your tent and slip away!

Internet marketing benefits for travel agents includes:

Modern technology has made it possible for people to access information with a few simple clicks of the mouse. This has done away with the need to physically go looking for information and travel agents need to be aware that a strong presence on the internet puts them in front of the customer like nothing else can.

Accessibility of information continues to increase daily as more people get connected to the internet. It is one of the best ways of reaching such a large target audience.

In terms of cost, internet marketing for travel agents is a very inexpensive way to advertise to millions of people, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The hope shopping market is constantly growing, giving consumers' easier access to products and information.

Travel agents can use their websites for lead generation; if every visitor to the site is requested to leave their contact details before exiting the site, the list of leads will grow on a daily basis.

Another distinct benefit of internet marketing is the fact that it allows travel agents to instantly monitor campaigns and evaluate results. You don't have to wait to se the results of your campaign to decide whether your advertising strategy is working or not; further, you can implement changes without any delays.

Internet marketing for travel agents is really the best way to reach out and capture the consumer's attention. At the basic level you need a very well designed and attractive site filled with useful information.


Shafi Farooqui is an Internet Marketing Expert and business coach for Travel Agents & Travel Professionals from Alberta, Canada. A Certified Travel Professional with an Industry experience of 20 Plus Years. If you are one of the millions of people whose industry has been affected by the shift from B&M industries to the Internet, he will guide you on how to successfully transform yourself from offline to an online expert and be on your Way to Financial Freedom.

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