Trademark Your Clothing Line

The first subject should definitely be explaining what branches of intellectual property are available for the various items that typically make up a clothing line.

Copyrights, specifically a Visual Art Works filing:

Any artwork/images displayed on the garments themselves, e.g. front of a t-shirt

Fabric designs

Patterns for sewing

Weaving or lace designs


The name of your clothing line

The logo for your clothing line

If you're filing for the trademark as In Use, the USPTO also requires that a specimen be submitted. This is a real-world example of how the mark is used & how your consumers see it.

When it comes to clothing, the best thing to send to the USPTO is either a tag or a label. This makes it clear that the name and/or logo is being used for a clothing line. The USPTO will no longer accept a picture of a, for instance, t-shirt with the name appearing only on the front. Those days are over. Your specimen can be a tag that's attached to the garment, such as a hang tag, or it can be a tag that's sewn into the garment.


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