The traitor within the gates

The traitor within the gates
At the supermarket, I parked beside a large black SUV which had a decal on its window that said "This vehicle protected by THE CLUB." The club is a metal bar that attaches to the steering wheel, making it impossible to turn. I looked inside the car. No club. I felt like robbing the damn car myself, just out of spite. Protected? I'll show you protected, buddy.

Then it occurred to me the number of times I leave my house without setting the alarm. I pay for the stupid thing, there are signs outside my house saying "This house protected by Blah Blah Alarm System." I even get a cut rate on my house insurance because I have it. But when I run to the store for milk, do I ALWAYS turn it on? Well, now I do.

I can extrapolate this further to the rest of my life. The times when I say I am doing one thing and I do not do it to my own detriment. As in,

“Yes, I often go for brisk walks for at least a half an hour.”

“Yes, I have cut down on eating bread and cheese and I am eating way more vegetables.”

“Yes, I am up at the crack of dawn every day, seated at my computer working by 8:30 on the dot.”

“Yes, I am washing my hands 18 times a day to help prevent the spread of swine flu.”


I call this the "Traitor Within the Gates Syndrome." Opening the postern gate so that the Visigoths can get into the city.

Now. Let’s look at your website. If you have forms, do they have a captcha? Are they in php? If not, why not? Your email address. Are you using the old fashioned mailto: tag? If so, get your email address encrypted at once. When you surf the net, do you have a site advisor program installed to tell you which sites are “Code Red?” If not, it is free. Get it at immediately.

Time for us to stop being traitors to ourselves personally and professionally. I don’t want to be skulking around the back door anymore. I want to be at the top of the wall with one of those cool pointy helmets with the nose covering thing and a big honkin’ bow, screaming defiance.


Sharon Jackson graduated from the Alberta College of Art in 1979 and retrained at University Canada West in New Media Studies, graduating in 2005. Sharon has upgraded her SEO skills at the Search Engine Marketing West class of April 2009. She is presently the owner of Jackson on the Moon Website and Graphic Design, a company in Duncan on Vancouver Island. A fifth term Duncan City councillor, Sharon is very involved in her community, is passionate about local food security and supporting loca...

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