Imagination Is Literally The Workshop Toward Riches

I was talking to a friend the other day about money which was at that moment a bit tight for her; jokingly she said that all she needed to do was to win the lottery!

I knew she was a regular player of the UK lottery where the winnings are usually around £1- 5 million, so I said why not enter the European lottery instead the prize money is £32 million pounds.

She answered "you've got to be joking? What would I do with £32 million dollars? I couldn't imagine having that much money". She had made the decision not to play the European lottery as £32 million was more than she could imagine having. It was just simply unthinkable!

It was at that moment I realised just how powerful the imagination was and the law of attraction.

What exactly is imagination? Imagination is literally the workshop where are thoughts and plans are created.

It has been said that man can create anything which he can imagine.

Throughout history great men have had the ability to form mental images and clearly visualise something that is not yet tangible. They have learnt to processes that imagination to attract what they need to make their desires and dreams come true.

We too can harness the power of our imagination to create the lifestyle we want.

We can only attract that which we can mentally accept. For example someone coming into Internet Marketing may find it hard to believe that they could be earning a six figure income in only a few months.

If they set themselves achievable goals, for example doubling their income in the first instance and then working from there to the next level. These goals are more realistic and enable our imaginations to conceive them more easily.

In our imaginations have a frequency and our thoughts send out a magnetic energy. We draw unto us that which we hold in our minds - the law of attraction. We mould our reality based on our thoughts.

As children we used our imagination to conjure up anything we wanted. As children we did not see the barriers - not that there are any, but as we grew we were conditioned to believe otherwise.

Our imagination is by far the most valuable tool that we have at our disposal. It is by this process we create our reality - that which we want to see realized in our lives.


Sharon Shirley is an Internet Marketing success coach, empowering people to create a lifestyle they can truly enjoy! Get immediate access to my profitable home business opportunity, I will take you inside my business and show you how you too can get the lifestyle you deserve



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