Success Through Your Spirit - The Golden Six-Figure Formula (Part 3 of 7)

Joyful Greetings from Sharon Wilson! Welcome to Day Three of Success Through Your Spirit. Welcome to our third day together as we focus on Success Through Your Spirit.

You can:

· Create your ideal successful business.

· Attract the people and experiences that will be part of you success.

· Help others become successful.

As we do with all of our programs, I want to begin by asking you to take a moment and really connect with your highest intentions to direct the growth and development of your business. You are the sculptor and your business is the clay spinning on the wheel before you. Your hands are on the clay, and you are directing its formation according to your intent. There is a perfect flow from the intent of your mind, to the movement of your fingers, to the shaping of the clay.

Take a deep breath in, and feel a connection to that master sculptor molding the clay of your business to the shape you intend. Picture yourself, that confident sculptor, and connect now with the artist that sees that shape before it is created, and says in your mind, "This is what I want. This is what I want for my business."

As you do this, I really believe that you're connecting at a deeper, energetic level with that confident, commanding inner voice that will call into being all the rewards and satisfaction of your dreams – the secure income, the ideal clients who are fun to work with and will enjoy paying you your full price, the satisfaction of making a significant difference toward the success of others.

Feel a sense of the magnetic energy coming out from your heart, which is that place of confidently asking and anticipating the best results. Feel that energy coming out from your heart, reaching out and touching the people and events you will influence at their heart level – at their soul level – at a level that will touch them – to allow them to become a part of your success.

Now, feel the presence of others reading these words and holding the same intention, and feel your energy amplified among many people. Take a deep breath in and feel the energy amplified, as together we send this energy out, to magnetize to us that confident sculptor within us, who is envisioning, intending, and expecting our highest intentions and dreams for our business and for serving others significantly.

So let's feel that now – really energetically each time we meet through this series – that we're activating that child within ourselves.

My intention for you today is to really serve you in the highest possible way: To allow that connection--that energetic activation--to occur, so that you can tap into your inner guidance system, directing your beliefs, and confidently expect the best results.

Have you ever thought what it might be like to have more control over what you are experiencing in your business? Wouldn't it be great to decide who your ideal clients are, and then have them actually appear? Wouldn't it be great to decide how many hours you want to work, or how much money you would like to make, and have it actually happen?

I always used to love how Commander Picard of Star Trek would determine some action he wanted, and then utter that wonderful four-word phrase, "Let it be so," and his intention was fulfilled.

Wouldn't it be great to create your intention, utter the words, "Let it be so,” and know for a certainty that it would happen?

How would things be different for you if that were the case? How would today be different? A great question I’ve seen before …

"What would you do differently today, if you knew you could not fail?"

It's possible! But it runs against our conditioning from our earliest years. Most of us were not taught that we can have control over our OUTER experiences by managing our INNER emotions and beliefs. We were told we could NOT decide what we wanted to feel or believe. Feelings were something that happened TO us, and we had to look in a book or listen to an authority to understand our beliefs. It was all controlled from the outside.

Assuming we had no control over our INNER feelings and beliefs, we found other ways to influence events. Usually, they were OUTER-directed: work harder; work longer; DO more. But this is a good formula for burnout. Have you had enough, and you're just tired – exhausted – always trying to work more, do one more thing – and you end up feeling like a hamster on a wheel in a cage, running faster and faster yet getting nowhere?

Wouldn’t you like to step off that wheel and get out of the cage?

There's another way.

In our experience of coaching thousands of people, nearly every problem has an INNER origin, and therefore, an INNER solution. Since the solution involves changing something inside yourself, you DO have control over your situation. For example, lower level emotions like anger or worry may be contributing to results you are experiencing in your business. You need to implement a process of dealing with these emotions that really works for you.

The good news is that you CAN direct your feelings and your beliefs. You can let go of worry, doubt, and being overwhelmed!

Let it be so.

Paul McCartney of Beatles fame told us in a song that he had a voice inside him that said, "Let it be". I can't help but believe that having that inner voice, in some way, was the major contributing factor to his success, and the success of at least three other people who became famous with him.

When you direct your beliefs, you tap into divinely guided ideas, synchronicities, and miracles. Luck begins to "happen" around you. And you begin to help activate this in others – your employees, your business partners, and your family. You stop expecting them to change. Instead, you change your perceptions and, therefore, how you feel about the situation. Then a miracle occurs:

The situation changes for you because you changed – inside – your need for the situation to change.

Let it be so!

Exercise #1


Today you will get in touch with your feelings and the beliefs from which those feelings arise.

Begin by creating a feelings journal. In your notebook, see how many various feelings you can record that you experience throughout the day. You will be surprised at the end of the day to see the results. Some of the feelings on your list may shock you.

Now, look for patterns of feelings and begin to make a note of these. Joy, fear, happiness, jealousy, confidence, insecurity ... Every feeling points to a belief. As you look at your list of feelings, ask yourself what underlying beliefs those feelings represent. For example, frequent feelings of insecurity may point to the belief that you have no control over your surroundings.

Please take this task seriously.

Remember that your feelings are the key to getting in touch with your beliefs, and beliefs determine actions and experience. Success involves naming and confronting and changing unproductive beliefs in order to experience better results.

Throughout today, make an effort to get in touch with your feelings and the beliefs that underlie them. This is an important first step.

Now, at the end of the day, I want you to begin to identify the Feeling – Belief - Experience connections. A powerful method is to work backwards:

I am experiencing _____ in my business. This experience may have something to do with my belief that ____________. My belief may have something to do with these particular feelings I frequently experience: _________

And now, the pay-off.

This is the Million Dollar Question:

If I changed my belief to _______________, in what positive ways would my experience change?

Congratulations! You are now activating your Inner Guidance System. You have begun to decide specifically how you will direct the feeling - belief - experience process.

This is what I call Manifesting, and it is at the heart of Success Through Your Spirit.

These are pretty significant principles, and in our experience, the secret of directing your beliefs and activating your inner guidance system is "caught" more than it is "taught.” Again and again, people get to this point with the greatest of intentions, but simply cannot get to that final state of directing their experience. It's like being handed a world-class violin and told to play.

Directing your beliefs is an art form that requires observation, learning, and a lot of guided practice. I can tell you about the power of being able to say, "Let it be so", with complete confidence, but "hearing about" something can never replace real-life observation and experience.

Tomorrow we will look at the Miracle of Manifestation. Manifesting is the act of turning thought into reality – making an intention real. This is the power at the heart of Success Through Your Spirit.

Seeing and feeling you living a life of love, joy, peace, health, and prosperity!

Love and Joy!

Sharon Wilson


Over 17 years ago, Sharon Wilson founded Coaching from Spirit Institute, a highly successful spiritual coaching business all while caring for her newborn baby. Since then, she has become an internationally known expert who has mentored thousands of people to work less, make more and have more fun in their lives using her inner and outer approach to accomplishing goals.  Sharon specializes in using a leading edge approach that she calls “emotional management coaching&r...

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