A Promising Partnership Sealed Between BMW and Toyota

If you make a visit to your local BMW dealer in the years to come, you may find some revolutionary vehicles, which will be the ultimate consecration of the entente that BMW and Toyota agreed to sign on a certain June 29, 2012. According to the document, both parties are bound to cooperate on the development of a wide array of new technologies.

Four Domains of Cooperation

Last December, both automobile manufacturers had already agreed on an alliance: BMW was to supply Toyota with diesel engines from 2014 onwards. In March of this year, they took an additional step by merging their forces to develop lithium-ion batteries. It apparently only was a matter of time for the two companies to further extend their joint ventures.

Not so surprisingly, then, BMW and Toyota announced at the very end of June that they would make another thrust forward by consenting to cooperate in four other domains: the development of a future sports car, hydrogen fuel cells, vehicle electrification, and lightweight materials.

Such a partnership engages significant tradeoffs for the two players involved: while Toyota will benefit from the German automaker’s expertise in the fields of sports cars and carbon fibre structures, BMW will take advantage of the Japanese manufacturer’s advanced propulsion and hybrid technologies.

High Hopes

This knowledge swap is thought to have the potential to give birth to the sports car of the future – that is, a high-performance vehicle with a great design, matched with technologies capable of making it environmentally friendly.

By cooperating throughout this endeavour, BWM and Toyota will put together their research and development capacities. Had both manufacturers chosen to remain on their respective sides of the fence, their separate competences could have been insufficient to innovate to the intended extent.

In a way, then, it is not only the importance of BMW and Toyota on the automobile market that is likely to benefit from the agreement: it is all motorists who are still longing for a dream car uniting respect for the environment, performance and convenience. Having two champions working toward the achievement of a common goal certainly is a step in the right direction.


Shawn Black is a music, travel and sport enthusiastic. He is also a part-time freelance blogger and a consultant from Montreal.

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