How Do the Color of Your Clothes Affect the Others (and You)?

When getting dressed in the morning, most people will choose what they are going to wear, without putting too much thought into it. But choice of clothes, and more specifically choice of certain colors of clothes, is not as meaningless as it may seem. Colors say a lot about ourselves, and they have a deep effect on us; the colors we wear affect our state of mind and send messages to other people. Want to know what your favorite dress or coat says about you, or what to wear to make an impression? Read up!

Red: Passion, Strength, Attention Passionate, bold, audacious, red is a great color to attract attention. Color of love, it is often associated with sexuality. Red is a very popular color in women clothing: rumor has it, men are unconsciously more attracted to women wearing red, cause red boosts their “chasing” instinct.

Strong and flashy, red also empowers the one wearing it, making him/her look fearless.

Wearing red suggests: Power, sexual energy, seduction, sensuality, defiance

Blue: Peace, Purity, Creativity Blue, the color of the sky and the see, is associated with purity, peace, calm and freshness. Also color of the night, veins, bruises, it can have pejorative connotations and be associated with sadness, as expressed in the common saying “having the blues”. Blue is the most popular color in the world. According to a survey made by Cheskin, MSI-ITM, and CMCD/Visual Symbols Library, more than 40% of people in over 30 countries would pick blue as their favorite color.

In clothing, blue inspires serenity and calm. Light blue make people feel comfortable in your presence, while navy blue boosts creativity.

Wearing blue suggests: Peace, loyalty, generosity, trust

Green: Health and Nature Green is the easiest color for the eye. Because it reminds nature, trees, leaves, spring, it is unconsciously related to health, comfort and well-being. Therefore, green is supposed to have to ability to reduce stress and put you in a good mood.

Wearing light green can help you look younger and healthier. And, when going through a period of stress, green clothes can also make you feel more relaxed.

Wearing green suggests: health, calm, wisdom

Yellow: Mixed Messages A cheerful, attractive color, yellow is associated with intelligence, optimism and vivacity, but also with instability and anxiety. Yellow is the hardest color on the eye. It will cheer someone up... but only for a little while! When exposed to yellow for too long, people will tend to become irritable and to feel discomfort.

Yellow in clothing sends mixed messages. While it can inspire bubbly joy and open-mindedness, it can also suggests an overly exacerbated lust for attention.

Wearing yellow suggests: anxiety, intelligence, happiness, cheerfulness

Black: the Authority Figure Worn by judges, lawyers, cops, black is the color of authority. Also associated with dark matters, it is cherished by villains and creatures of the night! Black is a mysterious and intimidating color. It sends a bold statement of competence and strength, with a slight touch of rigidity. Wearing it in a work environment sends the message: “Put me in charge, I can handle it”.

Wearing black suggests: authority, competence, elegance


Shawn Black is a music, travel and sport enthusiastic. He is also a part-time freelance blogger and a consultant from Montreal.

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