Vacation in Toronto? Yes, Please!

Canadians, due to their geographical proximity with the United States, often plan their summer vacations in American cities located close to the border – namely, Boston, Chicago, New York City, Seattle, and the likes. Yet, exciting places abound in Canada! Why not think of trading your usual American destination for a Canadian one, this summer? Why not go to Toronto?

Save on Travel Expenses

One of the advantages for Canadians of taking some time off in Toronto as opposed to some city in the USA is that significant savings can be realized through transportation. A Montreal-New York City flight can easily cost you $400 or more, which is somewhat comparable to a Montreal-Toronto flight. But airplanes are just one option among many!

Choosing to go on a Montreal-Toronto train ride, for example, can result in two or three hundred dollars worth of savings if compared to the price of a flight! That is a pretty good way to begin a journey, isn’t it?

Of course, your train ticket will cost you a lot more money if you depart from Vancouver instead of Montreal; you should want to take a plane in this precise case! But bear in mind that national flights often are less expensive than international ones; Toronto thus remains a great, economical destination even for those living in Western Canada.

Excitement in the Queen City

Toronto, it must be noted, is much more than a destination likely to save you money! In fact, the rapid pace of development it has experienced over the past years and decades has turned what used to be known as the financial capital of Canada into a city where sports, entertainment, culture, events, and good food are just everywhere!

Whether it is to attend the Honda Indy, the Festival of Beer, the Jazz Festival, the Caribana Festival, the Gay Pride, the Beaches Jazz Festival, the Summerlicious promotion, the Tasty Thursdays or the Sunday Serenades, Toronto will not disappoint you.

Moreover, Toronto’s diversified parts of town, which are home to numerous museums, cafes, art galleries, and restaurants, will give you plenty of things to do for too many days to count! Even those who can’t help escaping the city to relax will be pleased: Toronto’s islands offer a perfect setting to sunbathe and enjoy a magnificent urban view while taking it easy on the beach…


Shawn Black is a music, travel and sport enthusiastic. He is also a part-time freelance blogger and a consultant from Montreal.

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