10 Celebrities That Rock The Vaping Lifestyle


The vaping lifestyle isn’t simply for the common man as famous people also enjoy using a vaporizer--whether is be an ecig or a weed vaporizer. They enjoy them for much the same reason as the rest of us whether it is to quit smoking, gain a hobby, or simply to endorse a particular product. Whatever the reason is, celebrities are notorious for setting new trends for people alike to follow - vaping is not a bad one either.

To start off, here are 10 famous celebrities who have embraced the vaping lifestyle and the vapes that they are known for or have been seen using.

1. Snoop Dogg


It is no surprise that Snoop Dogg has a marijuana habit as much of his music clearly details this aspect about himself. However, he has also became a staple within the vape lifestyle by coming out with his own line of bongs and a concentrate vape pen from Grenco Science.

The Snoop Dogg Pounds line consists of hand-blown glass bongs that he says were conceived in outer space - more like California actually. They can be used with dry herb or concentrate and each one comes in a different striking color as well as an appropriately stylish box. Available are the Mothership, Battleship, Spaceship, and Rocketship.

Snoop Dogg has also taken to Grenco Science and released a Double G series of dry herb vaporizers including a new one called the G Pro.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio making this list is a given considering his recent scandal stirred up during the SAG awards where he was vaping. It stirred up controversy among different anti-vaping organizations and he was kindly asked to refrain from vaping during the rest of the awards. Many have wanted to know exactly what vaping gear he uses and based on images circulating the web, he seems to veer towards vape mods - particularly Innokin and Kangertech brands! Fortunately, if you want to stir up trouble in much the same way that Leo did, you can head over to our vape mod reviews and find some great Innokin and Kangertech vapes.

3. Gary Oldman


Gary Oldman was recently spotted purchasing vape supplies from a popular vape shop in Los Angeles. Apparently, he received a recommendation to visit and it’s no surprise considering other celebrities go there as well. No word on what his vape of choice is but we can bet it’s probably an e-liquid vaporizer. E-liquid vapes come in all shapes and sizes including micros and vape mods.

4. Norman Reedus


Norman Reedus, known for his roles in the Boondock Saints and the Walking Dead, is also among the many famous celebs who have taken to the vaping lifestyle. As many others on our list, he seems to enjoy the simple pleasures of e-liquid vaping. Seems to be a typical 510 vape but doesn’t make it any less cool. Now, I wonder what vape juice he uses? It might even be on our best e-liquids list!

5. Simon Cowell


Simon Cowell, known for being a judge on American Idol, has recently joined the vaping scene for much the same reason as many others do - to quit smoking. You would be surprised to find out that he was actually a 2-pack-a-day smoker and wanted to cut down because of his son. No news on what vaping gear he sports but we can safely assume that if it involves kicking the nasty habit of traditional cigarettes - that it’s most likely an e-cig or maybe even a vape mod.

6. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has been popping up lately sporting his vaping habit and it has certainly caught the attention of many. He prefers his vaping gear over smoking seeming as it makes him look manlier and it’s no surprise considering some of the roles he has played - including in the new Dark Knight movie installments. It would seem that he also enjoys using vapes that use e-liquids and they are quite popular among many of our celebs in this list.

7. Katy Perry


We can’t forget about the ladies as they enjoy vaping just as much as the rest of us. Katy Perry, one of many popular pop singers, has also been sprouting up in the media touting around her favorite vaporizers. Thankfully, she still keeps it classy with her colorful vaporizers. Speaking of colorful and classy, KandyPens are a perfect high-end vape that any woman can add to their everyday attire and still vape like a pro.

8. Katherine Heigl


Katherine Heigl has been on the vaping scene for quite a while using her e-cigs to combat her previous smoking habit. She has been seen using a number of different vape pens and micro e-cigs including on the David Letterman show. It just goes to show that many celebs are making the switch for health reasons. She has also been known for bringing the vaping lifestyle to the public eye while using them during interviews.

9. Johnny Depp


Before he picked up vaping as a regular hobby, Johnny Depp actually vaped as part of a scene in his 2010 movie, “The Tourist”, where he was seen vaping a micro e-cig. It is reported that he has been vaping ever since and has regularly used his e-cigarette during different press events. Based on this photo, we can only guess that he likes vape mods which come as no surprise considering they are great for making huge clouds.

10. Big Show


Enough with the actors, actresses, and singers showing up on our list - what about the wrestlers out there? You guessed it - the Big Show has joined the vaping community. He has been seen during an event using a vaporizer and this is even more apparent with him rocking some vaping apparel. What does he use? Most likely an e-cigarette which has been a popular vote among many celebrities. Does it make him any less cool? We hope not.

Final Thoughts

We can all agree that vaping has become more mainstream as the years have progressed and the vaporizers showing up in the market are proof that vaping is the way to go. With such a variety in style and use cropping up, it’s no wonder that famous celebrities are helping to set the trend for the rest of us from Snoop Dogg to the Big Show. No matter your preference, there is always a vape out there that sparks your fancy whether it's a dry herb vape, vape pen, or an e-cig.


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