7 Essential Things You Need to Do Before Leaving For College

1. Research the Area

If you want to receive the best experience possible, it is in your interest to have a full control over your being there. One of the things you need to do to grant that, is research the location and the area around your college.

A lot of colleges have a lot of built in facilities that will create some level of comfort, however not everything you need will be close enough. Find where you can spend leisure time, where you can go in case of an emergency, or do some shopping. This will minimize your stress and get you accustomed much faster.

2. Create a Budget

Creating budget is the first step to demonstrating your independence, the second step would be managing it. When you travel to college you usually own a decent chunk of money. It’s very easy to be careless and spend a big portion of it in the first couple of months and if you don’t have a part time job, you are going to put yourself in an uncomfortable position.

What you should do is divide the budget into parts and set priorities for it’s usage. Set aside some contingency money in case of an emergency. Having contingency money is very underrated, however, it will save you some sleepless nights.

3. Get your driver's license

Many can argue that this one is an essential item, I can argue that this one tops the list of essential things. Having a driver’s license even if you down own a car gives you flexibility and freedom in choices.

College is all about new experiences, new people, and new places. Do not limit yourself by lack of license and spend some time while you still have it. You will thank yourself later when you will be traveling with your new acquired friends.

4. Find a Part Time Job/Internship

College is a bridge between your teenage years and adulthood. Therefore, decisions that demonstrate that should be made. One of them is getting a part time job or an internship. In college you will have more free time than you did in high school. Some days may not have classes at all.

Finding a job will be beneficial to your financial situation at college. Researching potential internships can be helpful to assess your skills in your field and network. My first job was writing for a college blogs articles such as “How to Write an Analytical Essay”, so there is no shame in starting from something insignificant and working your way up.

5. Workout Your Living Situation

It’s always a good idea beforehand to figure out where and with who you are going to live. Colleges and universities tend to inform you about your dorm partners. In case you have no interest in living in dorms and plan on doing something of your own, it is incredibly important to start the search process beforehand.

Contact your roomie early to understand what you are getting yourself into. Figure out how to travel from your housing to other locations you might need. Have a clear understanding of the time needed for commutes.

6. Make Sure Your Financial Aid is in Tact

This is obviously a big one and probably most important one. For those on the financial aid, you need to make sure you have all the required documents ready and the college is 100% providing you with it. Contact the college financial department the double check the information and ask them for any extra information you need to know before going into the year.

7. Organize a Going Away Meetup

Some will wonder why this fits the essential list. This meetup is not for you. Networking is very important in our time and will assist you in ways you can imagine yet. You should keep contact with interesting to you people and show them some recognition.Your friends and other acquaintances is a resources. In addition, college is an overwhelming experience and friends and family will always be your line of support.

If you feel like there is time before your departure, you are misguided. Time will fly pass and you might be regretting all the things you could have done beforehand, but haven’t. Whatever is on your list, start doing it TODAY, so you can sleep tight tomorrow.


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