9 Employee Personality Types You'll Encounter

As a business owner you probably work with staff, customers and suppliers. Each one of these individuals has a different way of thinking.

Today we can categorize these different ways of thinking and narrow them down to nine types of intelligence. If you can grow to understand each one, you’ll quickly learn how to work with people more effectively.

So if you want to get the most out of your business and improve your personal skills, here are nine types of people you’re likely to come across.

  1. 1. Spatial Employees
Spatial intelligence is the creative ability to think in a three-dimensional way. Employees who think this way will be good at solving puzzles and figuring out how a process works. It’s predominantly a visual type of intelligence and enables engineering abilities as well as strategic thinking.

If you have spatial employees working for you, get the most out of them by allowing them to figure out tasks for themselves. You won’t have to babysit these individuals. Let them do their own research on projects you give them.

  1. 2. Existential Employees
Existential people are the thinkers of our world. They ask the deep questions and are obsessed with the ‘Whys’ of life. The existential employees will be less concerned with money and more with job satisfaction.

Existential employees are idealists. If you give them something to do, they want to know that there’s a purpose to that task. Show them how their contribution is affecting the business and let them feel appreciated and valued as workers.

  1. 3. Linguistic Employees
Words, letters and spelling come naturally to linguistic employees. They thrive in an environment that’s detail oriented. Linguistically charged people are comfortable writing, speaking or simply training others in an ordered fashion.

If you want to keep an linguistic employee happy, ask them to assist you with writing business strategies, mini projects, meeting minutes or training manuals.

Use these individuals to their fullest potential and you’ll reap the benefits of their accuracy and attention to detail.

  1. 4. Physically Kinaesthetic Employees
Also known as bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence, this type of intelligence is all about fitness, flexibility and physical skill. There’s something in the brain that just gels with the body to make it more adept at physical proclivity.

These employees need to be on the move. If you’re keeping a physically kinaesthetic employee chained to a desk, they will become frustrated with their jobs before long. Put them somewhere where they are forced to be outdoors or doing something that physically exerts them.

  1. 5. Intrapersonal Employees
Intrapersonal intelligent people are very interesting. They have the uncanny ability to evaluate themselves and understand themselves in a way most of us can’t. They Notice things about themselves and use that knowledge to direct their lives.

As employees, these individuals are usually quite shy. It’s best not to put them in a position where they must work with a lot of people. But these individuals are very hard workers. They will showcase work ethic and perform tasks quietly yet efficiently.

  1. 6. Musical Employees
The creatives of the world are necessary to balance out the rest of us logical thinkers. Musical intelligence is the ability to understand music in a way others cannot. These individuals are often extraverts. They love music, dancing and noise in general. They’re the life of the party. You probably know one or two, don’t you?

Place this employee in a position where they can create! Musically intelligent employees will surprise you with their creativity and thrive in positions where they have loads of creative freedom. Watch out though, as these individuals aren’t always good with meeting deadlines or coloring within the lines at work.

  1. 7. Logical Employees
Ah yes, the thinkers of the world. The logically inclined people of the world often come across as arrogant or pretentious. But really they are just deep thinkers and respond to logic rather than artistic stimulate. Logical people will be extremely good with solving problems, maths and problem solving.

There are many places for such employees. They prefer working alone or as leaders of a team.

Logically intelligent people also love patterns and consistency, so if you have any of them working at your place of business, especially a web-based business, put them to good use within data-related positions or leadership roles.

  1. 8. Interpersonal Employees
Interpersonal people are the natural born leaders of the world. They have a way of understanding others without coming across as arrogant or condescending. Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to understand other people in a way that makes it easy to interact with them on a personal level.

If you’re lucky enough to have an interpersonal person working for you, try them out in a leadership position. You might find that once they are in an environment where they can manage people, they will increase your productivity through motivating others and resolving conflict like a pro!

  1. 9. Naturalistic Employees
The naturalist loves animals, nature and plant life. These individuals often feel out of place within an office environment. They are best utilized outdoors where life flourishes. They are nurturing, caring and sensitive to the needs of others.

If you have a naturalistically intelligent employee, I hope you have some plants or animals close by. Naturalists are found all over the corporate world—even though they don’t belong there. Still, you can place them in positions of care where they will thrive in looking after other people, animals or plants.

So what kind of people work for you at your place of business? Are you using each one to their full potential? Have a discussion with your staff and find out how each one thinks and where they thrive in a work environment. You’ll soon see your productivity soar once you do!


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