Handy Tips when Moving Goods from Japan to America

Moving to another country is not easy and what makes it even more difficult is the thought of taking all our belongings from one country to another. The United states being one of the strongest economies in the world is a hub for all sorts of business activities. It gets to see visitors coming from different parts of the world on daily basis for a variety of reasons. The number of people of the visit and go to live in the United States is quite high and so is the freight traffic. If you are planning to move to the states in the coming days too from Japan then this article is just for you.

Tips to keep in mind when shipping goods

There are a few things which you must keep special care of when shipping your goods from Japan to the US. Let’s walk through some of the most ones to make your shipments as smooth as a sail.

  1. 1. Make sure that all the goods you send out are FDA approved. This would mean that with the exception of a few poultry and meat items, all the following goods would need an approval:

    • Food
    • Cosmetics
    • Drugs
    • Biological substances
    • Medical devices and instruments
    • Radiation emitting electronic devices

  2. 2. All the goods that you have to get imported must be processed electronically to ensure that they fulfill all the regulations and comply with FDA rules.
  3. 3. The goods that are a bit delicate must be packed securely to prevent any damage during the unloading and loading process. Also, it helps to mark such items so that the authorities are extra careful when handling such items.
  4. 4. If it is something expensive, try to carry it personally to avoid any mishaps during the shipments.
  5. 5. You will be charged by weight so only keep the things that you really need with you. When moving to another country, it is always a good idea to not carry extra load and take only the most important things with you.
  6. 6. The whole shipment process can take at least a month or two. So, it is always a good idea to keep the things that you might need on a daily basis with you and only have the other belongings shipped after you.
  7. 7. All the boxes need to have a full and complete description of the items that they hold. This will make the screening process faster and easier for you and the related authorities.
  8. 8. Keep an invoice of all your shipments no matter which process you are using for it. This will help you keep track of your items in the future and also claim them back in case they get misplaced or lost during the process.
Moving is not easy but with the proper insight into how you need to go about with all the related matters, you will be in good hands. Make sure that you do your homework before shipping personal items from Japan to America especially if they are a bit pricey.


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