Saving Face: Why Online Reputation Needs to be Managed

Recently, we have been doing a lot of research on the importance of online reputation management so seek out the answer of all the “Why’s” that are linked with online reputation management. During our interviews, we met Kevin G. who had been working in finance for five years.

When he applied for a new position at an illustrious firm he came to know that a lot of employers do some due diligence online before interviewing people, but he did not have any type of online presence at the time. He however decided to Google himself, anyway, to see what came up.

He found another Kevin G., whose information was readily available online. Disturbingly he was a child sex offender. He had a different middle initial and was in his sixties, while Kevin himself was in his twenties. Nevertheless, he did not believe that the potential employers would even get to those details and will pass up on his résumé once they saw that the whole first page of search results for his name was from and

Clearly, he needed to do something about it. Luckily, one of his friends told him about a website that was particularly an elite online reputation defender and one of many online reputation management services that claim to swiftly clean up a person’s digital profile. Depending on the amount of cyber-scrubbing that needs to be done and the tools chosen the prices they charge may vary.

However not everyone supports the use of an online reputation management service. Critics argue that such sites do not provide anything above and beyond what a person can easily do for himself to protect his online identity. According to B.J. Mendelson, author of Social Media is Bullshit “All the digital reputation management stuff is free and it only takes a couple of hours to learn to manage it.”

The publisher of DIY Marketers, Ivana Taylor gave some tips for shoring up your own online reputation:

1. Set up Google alerts for your name

In this way, a person will always be aware when something positive or negative is being said about him/her online.

2. Complete the social media profiles

If you do not exist on Twitter and LinkedIn, your profiles are incomplete and this can leave the barn door open to trash your reputation. In case if someone says something bad about you people may search social media and if they find nothing in your favor then whatever that person has written will carry more value. On the other hand, if your social media profile is complete, it will make it easier for the employers to bring you in for an interview.

3. Create a flood of positive online content

Ivana Taylor advises that a person should think of Google as his/her home page. When someone searches for your name or your company’s name on Google then what he or she see will form an impression of you. Therefore, if you constantly create content that is valuable, credible and reputable, then a single negative comment or post will simply get lost.

4. Present yourself as you would prefer to be perceived

Most people usually form perceptions about you and your business by the way you appear online. Ivana Taylor suggests that using a party picture on your LinkedIn profile does not make a good impression therefore everyone should take the time to have some professional-looking photos taken. This small investment up front will surely pay off in the long term. One thing is clear now that whether you use an online service or not, maintaining a squeaky-clean internet presence should be on the top of your to-do list.

According to Tory Johnson, author of “Spark & Hustle: Launch and Grow Your Small Business Now”, your digital identity and what is revealed about you in simple search results can impact your finances, careers and your professional and personal relationships,” We often believe what we read online fairly or unfairly. This means that we are all responsible for efficiently and proactively managing our online persona.


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