Ten Questions To Ask When Hiring any Personal Injury Lawyer

Prior to speaking with the party who is responsible or their insurance company, one must meet with a well qualified personal injury attorney to discuss about his own case. A well experienced attorney can aid one to understand his options & can advise one of one's chances of recovery. Keep in mind that one does not have to hire the first attorney one interviews.

Choosing a qualified personal injury lawyer can be a very tough & confusing experience, particularly if it is one's first time dealing with lawyers or any law firm. Lots of lawyers claim to handle personal injury cases. Sadly, it takes much more than “one call” to handle a difficult personal injury claim. It is necessary to select a well qualified attorney or any law firm with significant enough experience in handling any personal injury cases. Here are ten main questions one should ask prior to hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney:

1):- What areas of law do you specialize in, Sir?

2):- Have you ever handled injury cases like mine before? If it is so, tell me, how many?

3):- How many of personal injury cases have been taken to trial by you? Kindly, share with me details of their results.

4):- How long does it actually take to resolve an injury case that is like mine?

5):- How often are you going yo communicate with me about my case? Will I be able to speak directly with you if I require you? (RED FLAG: The lawyer or law firm usually sends an “investigator” or some paralegal to your initial consultation rather than an attorney meeting with you in person.)

6):- What is the number of cases that you are currently handling? Do you have enough time to handle my case?

7):- If I'm not satisfied at all with the insurance company’s offers to settle my case, will you be the actual attorney who is going to file a lawsuit on my behalf & taking the case to trial?

8):- Can I get any references from few of your past clients?

9):- Have you been suspended from practice of law ever? If it is so, why?

10):- What is your fee - contingency fee?

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