Top 7 Hangover Tips to Help You Stay as Productive as Possible

1. Keep it light.

By this I mean, stick to lighter coloured drinks. Dark drinks contain congeners which massively contribute to the classical hangover symptoms. This is why drinking whisky or red wine all night will leave you with a worse headache.

2. Rehydrate

Everyone knows this old trick in the book. Alcohol is a diuretic meaning that your kidneys are stimulated to produce more fluid than is consumed. Therefore although your consuming lots of fluid in the form of alcohol, you are actually overall losing more.

3. Pace yourself

Your liver handle one drink per hour. The enzymes that break down alcohol in the liver are quickly overwhelmed even after a few drinks which leads to a buildup of acetaldehyde. This compound is highly unstable and causes oxidative damage to cells. The overall effect is widespread damage to all organs which explains why you feel tired, weak and defeated after a big night out.

4. Reload on antioxidants

To follow on from the point above, its essential to stock up on natural antioxidants to counteract the oxidative damage caused by drinking. There are a new range of products on the market which pack vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts in one for an ideal hangover remedy.

5. Get a good nights sleep.

Lets face it, alcohol or no alcohol. if you don’t get your required amount of sleep, you’re going to feel tired. Make sure you plan ahead to get your minimum 6/7 hours.

6. Eat well before you go out.

Alcohol is absorbed at a rapid rate on an empty stomach. Making sure you have a good meal before heading out can have a big impact on the next day. Food in the stomach will absorb some of the alcohol and release it at a slower rate so your liver has a chance to catch up.

7. Avoid coffee

Most people get up in the morning and have a coffee to set the up for the day. Although it may seem like a good idea to give you the boost of energey, it will only worsen the hangover symptoms. Alcohol will already increase your heart rate and make you feel shaky. A stimulant like caffeine will worsen this.


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