Traders – How to Regain Your Motivation After a Bad Run

Trading on the financial markets can be very rewarding. However, it has its ups and downs for just about every trader. Unless you are blessed with extremely good luck, sometimes your trades just won't work out the way you expected and, occasionally, you may experience runs of bad luck that feel like they may never end.

Losing Motivation

While traders tend to be smart people who approach trading rationally, it can be difficult to remain motivated and remember the principles of your trading when you have experienced a bad run like this. Some traders fall into irrational decision making, which exacerbates the situation, and others may even feel like walking away from trading altogether.

Of course, the goal with trading is that over time, your profits outweigh your losses, and so logically you will experience losses as well as gains. When they come in a row, losses or bad trades can make you feel like the whole thing isn't working out for you, but it is always worth staying in the game whether you are playing the stock market or trading forex. Look here for further information on forex trading. The phrase 'you have to be in it to win it' may be a cliché, but it is very much true when it comes to the markets.

So how do you regain your trading mojo after a bad run?


One of the best ways to regain your motivation is to understand what went wrong and create a plan to fix it. This means looking at your strategy and asking yourself some questions. For example:

  • Did you do something outside of your normal strategy– for example, making emotion-based trades?
  • Did your exit strategy for these deals present too much risk?
  • Did you do enough analysis before the trades? Are your analysis skills as good as they could be?
  • Did you follow tips from another source without checking them against your own plan?
It isn't always the case that your own actions caused your bad run. However, if you analyse what you did and can find some things where you went 'off plan' or can see some flaws in your own strategy, then it can be easy to adapt your strategy to a new one, do more analysis, or simply avoid repeating mistakes like emotional trading.

Simply by having a sense of why you encountered your bad run, you can make some tweaks to how you do things and return fresh with your next trades, hopefully, having become a better trader into the bargain.

Crisis and Opportunity

The act of troubleshooting can also help you feel vindicated if you couldn't have avoided the bad run even with the best strategy in the world.

Sometimes, a run of bad luck on the markets is completely out of your control. For instance, if an unexpected world event occurs and drastically alters currency prices, or a scandal brings down the price of a business you invested in. Things like this happen on a fairly regular basis in the trading world and catch a lot of traders off guard. When this happens, all you can really do is remember that for every time something like this affects you negatively, there is likely to be a time when a similar event will present an opportunity.

Keep cool, look at what happened objectively, and focus on your strategy and what your next trades will be. If your approach and analysis is sound, move forward. If it isn't, work on that first. But, whatever you do, don't write yourself off as a trader!


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