What Is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Roofing?

Usually, there are several important factors form beginning to the end that can differentiate residential and commercial roofing. Today, the additional or secondary roofing trends in Toronto, Canada are rapidly becoming famous and common because of endless features and benefits. If you are willing to hire a contractor for professional residential roofing Toronto services, then you must be familiar with multiple roofing methods and types.

Difference in Residential & Commercial Roofing:

Term roofing is a general one that can be used for all types of projects, but if you talk about residential and commercial roofing kinds, then you will need to understand main differences between these both methods. In the following, some convenient, friendly and easily understandable differences between these roofing styles are given.

1- Design & Structure:

Design and structure both are key factors that create big differences between commercial and residential roofing. Usually, the residential roofing is almost similar in the most construction projects, but this is completely different for the commercial buildings. Residential roofing is also generally flat and easy to install with compared to commercial roofing.

2- Type of Material:

Of course, the material is another element that makes a clear sense to understand differences between residential and commercial roofing. The material used in residential roofing projects depends upon the location, climate intensity and demands of the customers. However, a highly proficient and lasting durable material is considered as an ideal one for commercial roofing.

3- Installation Process:

Roof installation process is a variable technique that varies according to the type of roof, building and material to be used in roofing. The professionals are more interested in commercial roofing throughout Canada because it is easier and free of installation problems. On the other side, residential roofing often becomes a bit challenging and problematic for the experts.

4- Ventilation & Piping:

There are limited numbers of pipes, ventilation areas and air flow spaces in the residential roofing, while the same things are greater in number for commercial roofing projects. There is no need to pass through a number of pipes through the roof in residential apartments and buildings. The contractors have to make ventilation pipes crossed throughout a commercial building.

5- Safety Measures:

It is an important part of a construction project to pass the map of a building along with proper and satisfactory safety measures before to start working. There are several safety measures and specific systems that are installed in commercial roofing, while there is only a fire safety system which is used in residential roofing.

6- Energy Efficient Roofing:

The most people in their commercial projects prefer energy efficient materials, structure and roofing because they consider it the most significant thing. Secondly, the people ask for general tiles with insulation properties to install over the primary roof to keep the interior of a home cool in summer and warm in winter.


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