What to Check and Consider Prior to Renting a Car

However, car rental can be bit daunting for first-timers as well as veteran travelers alike. There are few things to remember whilst pick up one's car from the rental agency, like uber. Uber black car models acceptance is very hard. So, it is always good to opt the agency have such high rules of cars' acceptance.

1):- Opt yo use a credit card when picking up a car: Renting any car is a breeze, but one must make sure one uses a credit card when picking up his desired wheels. One could use the debit card to one'sbank, but few of rental car companies double check one's credit score to be assured that one can pay any charges. If one utilizes a credit card one would not require to worry about passing via a credit check. But, one should know that few car agencies will put a hold on but funds from the card unless one is done with the car. Oh, & do not think of utilizing a prepaid credit card – lots of car rental companies would not say yes to them.

2):- Children cost much more to drive rental cars: One's 23-year-old son may have some spotless driving record, but these car rental companies really do not care. These companies merely see them as a possible liability to their benefits as they have heard nothing parties like a rental. And if one is himself under 25, one should hope a daily fee tacked onto one's bill young drivers, irrespective of whether they drive during the trip or not. As long as they are on the list of the extra driver, one will have pay.

3):- Shop around on the car insurance: One can get insurance on one rental car from the agency. One could shave one's head as well, & just wear a top hat, & then claim one is the Monopoly guy. We are actually here to say one should do neither, but it would not mind much if one goes the route of Rich Uncle Pennybags. To be honest & fair, any insurance at a car rental shop is very high, & should merely be opted if one has no other options. One needs to take a look at his personal vehicle insurance, which already could cover rentals. One should also give one's credit card company a call as most of them offer few kinds of car rental insurance.

4):- Try not to rent any car at the airport: We know it is so easy to just pick up any car at the airport. But what one may not consider is one will wind up paying for the perfect to pick up the car moments after stepping off the airplane. There is nothing the rental agencies can do in this regard since they are obligated to collect & pay such fees to the airport where they are doing their business. One can get around such fee by just simply hailing a cab to take one to some car rental shop that is not on airport grounds. If one is renting a car via any website, one needs to actually see where the rental place is by clicking on option of “Show location” on the search results page.

5):- Just stay on the paved roads: This one actually sounds pretty obvious, but read it out loud. There are not lots of rental agencies that are okay with one taking their rental car off-roading. And off-roading does not have to be somebody going mud running. Let us say one is in Hawaii & desires to visit a scenic part of the beach that does not have any road laid out to it. Same example goes for tailgating on a plot of a very grassy land. Both of those are actually technically off-roading, & both of them would be a clear violation of one's rental agreement. If one winds up getting stuck in the mud with some rental car in a place where one should not have been driving, all fees to get it unstuck & cleaned up fall totally on one.

6):- Fill up the tank prior to returning the car: So one's vacation was a blast? Cool. But now it is time to turn the "desired" car in & head home. Only issue is one forgot to bring back the car with an empty tank. Could one let the rental shop fill it up for one? Absolutely, but one could be hit up for up to $10 per gallon. We all can spare at least 10 minutes & top off the tank prior yo returning the car.


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