Why to Be PMP Certified

Why opt for PMP (Project Management Professional) certification? Here are some reasons one must consider getting PMP certified:

1) Globally Acknowledged: Who can become PMP certified? All. Anyone who likes to be his or her own boss must go for it. It gives one the freedom to work anywhere in the world. No limitation. The PMP is one of those courses whose reputation precedes professionals, recognized & sought-after the world over (there are more than 860,000 PMP certified professionals across world as of August 2017). Getting the PMP certification makes professionals demonstrate & showcase well their skills & expertise to potential employers across the world.

2) Salary Bump: If one thinks to get a PMP certification is a burden on wallet, it is better to think again. One should know that PMP holders enjoy a dramatic & steep hike in their salary once they've attained the PMP certification. According to the Project Management Salary Survey, Eighth Edition, PMP certified professionals earn 25% more than their non-certified counterparts. As per PMI’s Project Management Salary Survey released in July 2017, all PMP certified professionals earn at least a salary of $111,969 per year in the United States. If you are in Los Angeles, go for pmp certification Los Angeles by PMT Institute.

3) Expand Market Reach & Scope: This certificate holders form a global yet very close-knit community. There are lots of Project Management forums & online communities that catch the interests of PMP professionals from across the world who are 24/7 willing to share tips, insights, & pool their experience— aiding everybody stay aware of the latest industry trends & developments.

4) Better Job Opportunities: It opens up better career avenues & give professionals with greater job opportunities in the world of project management. As per a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, 75% of high-performing projects are handled by PMP credentialed project managers; as per the PMI Pulse of the Profession study, all organizations with more than 45% PMP certified project managers show much better project performance than those who are without a certification.

5) PMP Professionals Get best & toughest Challenging Projects: The PMP Certification gives a professional a very challenging but important role, as the certification shows a person’s dedication to project management & attests to that individual’s knowledge & experience in handling all challenging projects. Furthermore, since even the capability to take the PMP exam includes education as well as experiences, the PMP Certification is a success' stamp on one’s skills & experience leading & directing projects.

6) PMP Professionals show Better Project Performance: Not all of project managers are PMP certified. Project managers who do not have this credential perform bir less efficiently than their certified mates. The standards for this rigorous exam is much more higher than any other project management certifications. It tests professionals on 5 project management processes. They are: initiating, doing planning, executing, monitoring & controlling everything, & closing. Thus, he gets able to provide the Project manager with a standardized, detailed, actionable set of project management great practices. Additionally, in order to get qualified for the PMP exam, its aspirants need to have in-depth understanding of main 9 knowledge areas of project management. They include : project scope management, time management, cost management, integration management, quality management, human resource management, & procurement management.

7) Even during economic downturns, PMP Professionals are Secure: With the economy still to get back to where it was about some 15 years ago, there is yet plenty of uncertainty. While nobody is immune to layoffs & downsizing, 75%% of executives across the world think that having a PMP certification show core competencies that make the certification holders very valuable even during any recession.


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