You Have the Right to...Have Feelings!

I am woman...hear me Roar....and cry, laugh, be thoughtful, be selfish, have intuition, and feel sadness!

You have the right to feel and express joy, inner strength, commitment, and fortitude, and be proud!

You have the right to feel unbelievable sorrow and love; to feel accomplished, extraordinary, unique, nervous, optimistic, intense, funny, numb, pensive, flirty, and accepted!

You have the right to feel anxious, happy, regretful, disappointed, creative, zany, jealous, jolly, jubilant, lazy, lethargic, listless, insightful and adored!

You have the right to feel adventurous, aggravated, lonely, luminous, melancholy, mellow, amused, insubordinate, intense, amorous, angry, and cold!

You have the right to feel animated, annoyed, apathetic, impressed, indifferent, argumentative, aroused, blessed, artistic, ashamed, betrayed, frustrated, giggly, blissful, bored, calm, cantankerous, cheerful, chipper, and complacent!

You have the right to feel confident, awake, confused, contemplative, content, wacky, crushed, cultured, fascinated, focused, forgotten, frisky, curious, cynical, enraged, and fabulous!

You have the right to feel determined, ecstatic, disappointed, discontent, excited, exhausted, disgusted, distracted, irritated, mischievous, dorky, drained, neglected, vibrant, and eccentric!

You have the right to feel embarrassed, enlightened, enthralled, pessimistic, envious, refreshed, exotic, thoughtful, smart, smitten, sneaky, and wanted!

You have the right to feel exhilarated, rejected, gloomy, good, impatient, sympathetic, grateful, grumpy, guilty, selective, worried, hopeful, triumphant, hyper, imaginative, indignant, infuriated, inquisitive, inspired, irate, miserable, moody, morose, naughty, nostalgic, optimistic, peaceful, intimated, pensive, shocked, pretty, productive, pugnacious, vexed, and warm!

You have the right to feel pure, quiet, rebellious, rejected, tired, rejuvenated, relaxed, surprised, relieved, restless, romantic, rushed, vital, sad, sassy, talkative, satisfied, used, scared, sick, sleepy, shocked, and validated!

Wow! Did you ever realize that there are so many feelings? And you have the right have them all...and more!

Put yourself around people who allow you to live life to its fullest. Step away from people who try to squash your feelings, constrain you, belittle you, put judgments on you, or try to take your passion! It's your life and you get to define it and feel it!

You Have the Right to...Have Feelings!


CSP Sheryl Nicholson is an International Speaker, Keynoter, Personal Coach, Author and now Get a Life Balanced Podcaster. You can view more credentials at She's known as The Implementation Coach presenting programs that get results for attendees. Whether it be sales, communication, leadership, goal setting. life balance. or presentation skills - she's proven she knows her stuff with 25 years on the platform.   Reach her directly at ...

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