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A. Creating a contact record from a company record. A contact record can be created from a company record in ACT! with the same company name, address, etc.

To create a contact record, display the company record whose address you want to use in the contact record. Do this by clicking on the company icon on the navigation bar or by clicking Viewthen Companies. Select the company in the tree that you want to use. Next click Companiesthen "Create Contact From Company". A new contact record will be created with field data filled in for address, phone, web site, and ID/Status, but not Contact Name. You just enter the person's name and you are done.

In a similar manner, you can create a company record from a contact record. To do so, while in Contact Detail View, click Contactsthen "Create Company From Contact". A new company record is automatically created with the company name, address, phone, etc. found in the displayed contact record.

B. Look-up by example

When you want to do a look-up in ACT! with several criteria at one time, Look-up By Example is a good way to accomplish it. For example, if you want to see all of your prospects in "Detroit, Michigan," you can click on Look-up "By Example". A blank contact template appears. You then enter the data into the fields you want to find. So in the city field, enter "Detroit". In the state field, enter "MI". In the ID/Status field, enter "Prospect". Then click the Search button in the lower right corner. Click OK to replace the previous look-up. Your look-up now shows all prospects in "Detroit, Michigan."


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