Covering the Distance in Distance Education with Mobile Apps

The continuously advancing digital technology has also caused advancement in several domains, such as distance education. Many people think that distance education only means taking a course on the internet or by email but it is not completely true. Distance education is a far old method than any modern technologies. Its history dates back to at least as early as 1728 when Celeb Phillips, a teacher of shorthand, published an advertisement in the Boston Gazette in which he was seeking students for lessons to be sent every week. In 1969, the Open University of UK began to provide distance learning courses through radio and television broadcasts. However distance education was so far felt to have considerable distance between students and distance education universities.

But, with the development of computer and internet, distance learning now has no more distance between education and students. There are a number of virtual universities which are successfully providing all education related materials, instructions, and even online classes through internet around the world.

Now distance learning has become further easy with the growing use of mobile phone. People are using mobile phones for their day-to-day requirements. Modern mobile phones, known as smartphone, have made big difference in the world. Whether these are education institutes or others, nearly all industries and businesses have discovered the benefits of being on a mobile platform. Distance learning universities and institutes are getting mobile applications developed to simplify the distance learning education procedure and to make available education wherever the students want.

There are many mobile apps which fulfill the purpose of online education. Math Ref, for example, is a mobile app with more than 1400 math examples, tips and equations to help students. This app is available for both iPhone and Android platforms. The application quickly provides math equations and examples. The app also provides list of math formulas. This app just removes the use of textbook for completing homework and study for math tests.

If you are learning a foreign language online, you can purchase language learning mobile apps. Language learning apps help students improve their word power and learn to structure sentences. Many mobile apps used for learning foreign languages also have dictionary. There are numerous mobile applications available for learning the languages like French, German, Korean, etc. Most apps are available for both Android and iPhone.

Distance learning universities and institutes can also get mobile apps developed to help students in providing useful information about various activities. Mobile apps can provide instant help and support in accessing course content, including online discussions, threads, assignments, and real-time alerts. Information related to examination dates, exam schedules, assignment submission, due exams, and results can also be accessed through distance learning mobile apps.

Mobile applications are supportive for both students taking courses and institutes offering courses. has reported that more and more online universities and institutes are choosing mobile apps to improve their offerings of online courses. These apps also allow students to access education materials wherever and whenever they want.

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