We call iPhone app market a “Grand Slam” for the iPhone developers since its launch

Since Apple launched its App Store in 2008, we have seen its enormous success in mobile market. Right after a month of its launch, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple had been making about $1 million per day from the site.

When the iPhone was first revealed, it was certainly a breakthrough in mobile phone technology. Right after that, Apple App store had been projected to hit the prospective market. After one year, VentureBeat, followed by Wall Street Journal’s report, stated that 100 million iPhone application have been downloaded since July, 2008. In the first few days of the App Store launch, over 900 new applications were added. The iPhone suddenly became a digital playground for its users.

Will the trend slow anytime soon? It is also a concern for the market analysts, but Apple’s policy proved that as App store is to hit one billion downloads sometime in 2009 and it will have hit the one billion download mark faster than the iTunes site. Apple did it within the time.

Third party iPhone applications make the app market a pleasure. These third party apps are being changing the way the iPhone development companies do the business. Most of the leading industries are adopting the way to run their business through iPhone applications. For banking industries, iPhone apps make online banking obsolete by beginning baking processes through smart iPhone.

Retailers are also starting to get in on the iPhone action. The Gap and Target are two of the first retailers to launch their own iPhone application that enable customers to buy products from their iPhones.

As companies progressively try to one-up each other in the new iPhone app frontier, the consumer will benefit. The staggering success of the iPhone App Store means we will be seeing more iPhone apps with additional innovative features as consumers demand more and business tries to fill these demands. Step aside, 'world wide web' here comes the iPhone app.

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