5 Tips On How To Successfully Work From Home


5 Tips On How To Successfully Work From Home

So you have decided to start your own home business? Congratulations! The first thing you need to realise it that while it is great to work from home, and there are some fantastic benefits, you really need to treat it like a proper job.

1. Set up your office area.

Like a normal job it is important to set up your work area and separate this where possible form your normal living area so that you can differentiate from being at home and "in the office". This will also help you to be more organized, and to help stop you from associating home with never escaping work.

2. Make some rules.

Very early on you need to set some rules and timetables. Choose when you are going to work, when you are going to play and when you are going to socialize. It is important to set your goals and plan ahead, and then focus on these going forward.

3. Enroll others to your rules.

Right from the start you need to enroll others in what you are doing and that it is serious and important to you. Both family members and friends need to know that when you are in your workspace or zone that it is the same as if you were in the office and that they can not disturb or interrupt you. Post a schedule on the door, and let them know when you are free for them.

4. Be Disciplined.

Just because you are the boss now doesn't mean you can do what you want - if you don't do the work then it will not get done - as simple as that. And if you keep putting of work and deferring tasks then you are sabotaging yourself, as the work wont do itself! Use the flexibility, and arrange your schedule to maximize the advantages of working your own home business, but also make sure you are still doing a full working wee albeit it at times that suit you.

5. Avoid Distractions.

Hand in hand with discipline is to avoid distractions. With your work at home business there are always things trying to distract you - your children, the tv, the garden etc. If things are tough, or you are experiencing a block, then it is easy just to do something around the house. You must avoid this temptation - after all you wouldn't do it if you were in a real office and the boss was watching!

Its not easy, but get it right and the benefit's are amazing!

Here's To Your Success!

Simon Wetherell


International Finance Lawyer & Investment Banker turned full time Internet Marketing & Social Media Specialist & Coach and Business Mentor. Simon has an LLB (Honours), an MBA in Finance and New Venture Business and is a wealth of knowledge to any person looking to get established in their own business. Email him at SWConsultingLTD@gmail.com or visit his blog at http://SimonWetherell.com Simon also promotes a system that helps Internet Marketers achieve success no matter what their ex...

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