Building A Twitter Account With A Good Reputation – Some Handy Tips to Fast Clean List Building

Twitter has been a fast growing revolution that has taken the social media world by storm. It is now seen by many as a must be area, and has the fantastic benefit of being totally free! With the exponential growth it has been receiving it will be rivaling Facebook and the like in no time. Ok, so you have made the decision you are going to join the Twitter revolution, and want to build a list quickly. Here are a few tips on how to rapidly build your following cleanly.

The first thing is to target the audience you want. Think about some keywords that would be relevant to that audience and do a search (Find People). Then follow the people that appear in the search, and the people who follow them. (I do have some more advanced techniques - just ask).

If you are starting from scratch add about 50 people a day until it builds up. Every few days you should unfollow those who are not following you as Twitter has imposed an invisible barrier, you can't follow more than 2000 people until that many follow you. The same happens again at 4000.

Good tools to unfollow are Huitter and Twitter Karma. Huitter is better at the beginning, but once you get 1000's of followers it doesn't really work. Both are free services too!

Ultimately you wish to use this as a marketing tool but to build your profile and following you should initially tweet about what you like and are interested in - if it is purely business people will switch off pretty quickly. Also, a good thing before you start is to at least have a few tweets, even though they are to no-one, so people will get a flavour of what to expect and will follow you back when you add them.

As people join take the time to send them a personalized greeting - this builds rapport and shows that you are not 100% business - and establishes a communication level that will help convert to sales later - and you might just have some fun and meet great new people!

Finally, do not mass follow or unfollow people, and I do not recommend using an automated follower builder.

Any questions feel free to go to my Blog comments and ask - the links for Huitter and Twitter Karma are also there.

Here's To Your Success!

Simon Wetherell


International Finance Lawyer & Investment Banker turned full time Internet Marketing & Social Media Specialist & Coach and Business Mentor. Simon has an LLB (Honours), an MBA in Finance and New Venture Business and is a wealth of knowledge to any person looking to get established in their own business. Email him at or visit his blog at Simon also promotes a system that helps Internet Marketers achieve success no matter what their ex...

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