Getting Paid 6 People at a Time: The Pyxism Compensation Structure

This is quite amazing - I am getting a large number of readers for this article but the company has shut down. In view of this we have created an opportunity that is free and not linked to any specific company so we can not be let down again - for more details check out my link in the Authors box.

There's been a lot of buzz about the new travel business opportunity, Pyxism. One of the most important things to know before joining any company is the compensation program-that is, how you'll actually make money. In Pyxism, the money comes when you start building a team of other dedicated business people who are as committed as you are. However, unlike some other opportunities that demand you build networks of 20, 40, or even 100 or 1000 people before you start to see money, at Pyxism you can see payments of $1500 on each combined cycle, with just two personally sponsored people, plus leadership bonuses with as few as just six personally sponsored people. Your compensation starts with the Compass matrix, which pays out $500 every cycle. On the Horizon Matrix, payouts are $1000. You can get paid from both matrixes simultaneously, which already puts $1500 in your pocket. The cycling can happen multiple times each week, or even each day, and you can start both the Compass and Horizon matrix at the same time to fast track your payments. You also re-enter the Compass Matrix following your sponsor, which means you don't have to make any additional product purchase after day one. And each time you cycle you get another vacation package. The Horizon Matrix pays out $1000, puts you back into the Horizon Matrix following your sponsor, and gets you another vacation package as well.

At each level you can also get leadership bonuses. You get $75 per team member that cycles in your first 3 generations at the Compass Level and $150 per cycling team member in your first three generations at the Horizon level. You never lose team members and your team never splits-you simply start new matrixes which you go on to get paid for.

As you can see, you begin making money as soon as qualified people sign up. By finding targeted leads who are serious about building a successful career with Pyxism you can quickly build a business that could end up paying you as much as $15,000 a month as early as next month-and take you to some pretty cool places for pennies on the dollar, too.


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