Gold Prices Surge Above $1,200

Have you heard of gold's current performance in the market? Where do you place your assets now?

Gold has been continuously hitting new high price and it has heightened concern about the global economy. This leads for the investors to safe-haven their assets.

If we are to compare, gold's performance is completely the opposite of other commodities which are down. But, this scenario is being questioned whether gold will continuously rise its value or will it fizzle out like what happened over the past years.

All of us want to secure our assets not just for our own sake but for the future of our family. With the current trend of gold's performance, you may end up asking yourself "Where should I invest? What will be the value of my money in the next 5 years or so? Will it be the same or will gold take the lead?"

If you want to read the full article about the ”Gold price hits new high as yellow metal is "back in vogue", just visit the link on my profile.

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