Home Based Internet Business – The Growth Business Of The Next Decade

So many of my friends and former business associates have asked me how I went from being a successful international finance lawyer and banker to working my own home based business as a successful internet marketer and coach. So here it is for all to read... If you have followed my blog or heard me talk recently you will know my opinion on the global economy - but I will sum it up again quickly. Most governments around the world are now in unprecedented debt, trying to halt their economies from going into freefall by spending through rescue and bail out packages. At best, these will succeed and we will only have a mild recession for a few more years before positive growth returns. At worst, and the more likely scenario, is that we will have years of a deep recession and high unemployment, government debt will be out of control with an aging population, and increase in taxes and reduced social security payments will become the norm.

This means there will be tens or hundreds of thousands of people globally who thought they had planned well for their retirement only to see their pension funds worth only a fraction of what they were and will not provide them with the support they needed to live the life they were used to. And in a recent survey in the US there were 47 million people who said they were interested in starting their own home business.

Enter the home based business. Many people, from all age groups, are now looking for alternatives to provide for them, earn some extra money from home and give them financial freedom. With the economy the way it is you can no longer just go and get a better, higher paying job or even a second job - so people are turning to businesses where they can work from home so that they can do it in their spare time, and one of the most popular is internet marketing. This is now a multi billion dollar industry and unlike the rest of the economy, is in a massive growth phase which will continue to grow for many years.

There are also thousands of work at home moms that want to be able to bring in an income but have the responsibility of raising the children, and a legitimate work from home business, especially internet based can be the perfect opportunity to give them the flexibility and freedom they need.

So why I am doing this - well, I thought it is obvious. Being at the forefront of what I believe will be the fastest growing industry of the next decade, well positioned and established to help others as they get to the same knowledge and realization, puts me in the perfect place.

And I for one want a great retirement being able to do all the things I have dreamed of, not limited to what I can afford on my almost non-existent government pension cheque!


International Finance Lawyer & Investment Banker turned full time Internet Marketing & Social Media Specialist & Coach and Business Mentor. Simon has an LLB (Honours), an MBA in Finance and New Venture Business and is a wealth of knowledge to any person looking to get established in their own business. Email him at SWConsultingLTD@gmail.com or visit his blog at http://SimonWetherell.com Simon also promotes a system that helps Internet Marketers achieve success no matter what their ex...

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