Internet Marketing ĖFocus on Your Main Product, Protect Your Reputation & Donít Let Yourself Be Distracted

So you have just got started in the internet marketing business and want to earn some extra money from home. After agonizing over which product to choose, or maybe just grabbing the first one that you came across but liked, you got into the business. Only to now realise that there are hundreds, if not thousands of competing products out there... The first thing you need to realise is that you can't, and shouldn't, have them all. I have previously written about choosing the online business that suits you, so as long as your product or opportunity meets those guidelines, I would suggest you stick with it, especially if you outlaid money to get established.

Once you have decided the product you have meets the test, what you need to do next is have faith with it and stick to it. Do not waste your time looking at anything else, as this is a worthless exercise. At best it is a time distraction, and at worst it will make you second guess the product you have and take away the positive energy that you had, making selling it with confidence almost impossible.

You will come across products that will compliment and assist you in your efforts, things like auto-responders, marketing and distribution channels, educational books, courses and content. These can all be great to add to your arsenal, and earn affiliate commissions on, but again don't let them distract you from your true product and objective.

Also, remember that what ever you put your name to has an impact on your reputation, which is very important in this industry. If you are seen to be peddling every single product from dish pans to new cars then people will see you as just being out to make a buck, and will not value your opinion and advice, or have any faith in what you promote as being great or the one.

So find your main product, add a few complimentary items to your collection and then get to work! You wont regret it, and neither will your reputation!


International Finance Lawyer & Investment Banker turned full time Internet Marketing & Social Media Specialist & Coach and Business Mentor. Simon has an LLB (Honours), an MBA in Finance and New Venture Business and is a wealth of knowledge to any person looking to get established in their own business. Email him at or visit his blog at Simon also promotes a system that helps Internet Marketers achieve success no matter what their ex...

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