Making Money On The Internet – Scam Or Will It Happen?

Thousands and thousands of people are joining the home based internet business revolution every week trying to earn extra money from home. And all of them believe they are going to make money instantly and easily. And how many do - we all know that 97% of all people earn less than $1,000 a year. So why do they all fail? And why do so many people feel ripped off or let down?

All you need to do is have a look at the ads on the internet today on places like Google and Twitter to see why. Every second ad offers guaranteed returns or unrealistic expectations, whether it be $125 guaranteed in 24 hours, or $15, 675 in a week or $500,000 a year. By promoting the few highly successful people in each organisation people get the sniff of opportunity but this is very rarely realistic for the masses.

And then surprise surprise, it doesn't happen as promised, so people either get annoyed and seek a refund or see no results after a short period of time and just give up and say it is all a scam. Either way both are then out there telling anyone that will listen that the industry is all hype and a rip off.

We have already seen the FTC crack down in the US about what can and can't be said, but this has not stopped the stream of claims out there. As an industry we need to start self regulating before it gets further policed and becomes detrimental to all of us. Also lets not forget the damage that is happening to the industry's reputation.

Now, the message for you if you are one of the new and unsuccessful people in the industry, is find a decent product (see some of my other articles or my blog on this), and then commit to working it for 6 months. You also need to have realistic expectations as to what you will earn and the time you will need to put in, and I suggest speaking to other people in the company for a broad spectrum of results, not just based on the top earner.

The opportunity I have been involved in saw this happening and banned income claims months ago, imposing a self-policing approach. If all companies did the same the industry would be in much better shape and reputations will be intact!


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