Why MLM And the Hype Surrounding It Are Old News!

Let's face it, Multi Level Marketing (MLM) has been around for ever, and it will continue in some form, but the reality is that as people become more educated with the freedom to choose and better knowledge available on the internet a lot of the more traditional MLM's are going to fade and die. Also, with the whole advent of the new social media culture and the emergence of Facebook and Twitter, the landscape has changed.

Integrity and honesty is now a must, and anything that is shady or lacking quality will very quickly be exposed. Also with the advent of the internet the way we look at the traditional home based business has also changed.

Why would the average person want to go down the path of MLM where they have to buy a garage full of pills, lotions and potions when there are now a multitude of affiliate and internet marketing opportunities that do not require any inventory, and some even with little or no start up costs.

The whole commission structure of MLM has also been exposed for what it is - a pyramid - at least 95% of all people involved do not make any money. The structure of the industry has always been the people who get in early at the top have benefited from the hard work of those below, with a multi tier commission structure. These days a flat commission structure is more common, where you are rewarded directly for the effort you put in - not some person skimming a commission who you may have never even met!

One thing people need to realise is there are no get rich quick schemes, they are like Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy. If it was that easy then everyone would be doing it! And with the internet there are now so many e-books and marketing products for sale that everyone can't be successful.

So if you are going to enter this market, find a product without all the hype and that has real substance!

If you are interested in the one I found check out my Blog - it meets all the right tests for home business with great product, system, support, people and a fantastic commission structure.

Here's To Your Success!

Simon Wetherell


International Finance Lawyer & Investment Banker turned full time Internet Marketing & Social Media Specialist & Coach and Business Mentor. Simon has an LLB (Honours), an MBA in Finance and New Venture Business and is a wealth of knowledge to any person looking to get established in their own business. Email him at SWConsultingLTD@gmail.com or visit his blog at http://SimonWetherell.com Simon also promotes a system that helps Internet Marketers achieve success no matter what their ex...

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