Example of an Action Plan

Development Goal(s)

To reduce / Reducing the time it takes to run 1500m from 6 minutes to 5 minutes 55 seconds over the next 5 weeks.

How will the Goal be achieved?

• I will ask my coach to observe my running style or video record it.

• I will discuss changes to be made to my running style by the end of next week.

• I will increase the number of days I run from 3 to 4.

• I will include 4x400m runs in my training programme from week 3.

• I will increase my weight training sessions by 15 minutes from week 2.

• I will visualise my self running faster every day for ten minutes.

How will the Progress be measured?

• Discussed the goal with my coach by the end of the first week.

• Added 4x400m runs by the end of third week.

To start on: Immediately

Reviews: Once a week.

Support structure: Coach, running partner.

To be completed by: The training schedule will end in 5 weeks’ time. Every Saturday, I will time my 1500m run and discuss the results with my coach and running mate.



A journey always starts with the first step. It is time for decisiveness-to bring all the information about your self together and be clear about your vision, your Mission in Life. You may wish to aim to make a small improvement in each one of the following areas by setting long, medium or short term goals.

• A Balanced Life which incorporates all the elements in the Balance Chart or Wheel of Life

• Better Work – Life Balance

• Social and Cultural development.

• A healthy body,

• A healthy and sharper mind/brain,

• A better spiritual life,

• Emotional health and Emotional Intelligence.


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