There are three levels of gratification:

• When you achieve the things that you ‘want’, you become happy.

• When you ensure all your ‘needs’ are met, you become satisfied

• But when you live your life with your ‘values’, you experience ‘fulfilment’.

You will appreciate that our values define who we are and what we do. We all have a unique value system and it is possible that our family and friends might hold similar values. Some values are referred to as ‘core values’; these are the ones that are relevant to the majority of areas of your life. For example if you are a deeply religious person, this is likely to be a core value in your life. A practising Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Judaist or Christian would not take his or her faith casually; it would be an important matter to him or her.

In your childhood, your values would have been shaped by your family and some significant others. Later in life, friends and your school or college would have influenced your values. So your values and associated beliefs have been developing through out your life. You need to review these values as you may find that you are holding on to some that are no longer useful. Just consider for a moment if your values are positive, motivating and empowering. If not, do try to replace the ones that no longer serve the purpose.

The following is a list of values, beliefs or desirable characteristics. Feel free to add other personal desirable characteristics that are important to you.

• Identify ten or so values that are important to you and circle them

• From the list, identify the five that are most important to you.

• Rank each of the five with One (1) being the most important and ‘5’ being the least important to you.

• Achievement, Adventure, Beauty, Charity, Creativity, Dignity, Ethics, Family, Friendship, Fairness, Freedom, Growth, Happiness, Health, Honesty, Honour, Humility, Independence, Individuality, Integrity, Involvement, Justice, Kindness, Knowledge, Leadership, Love, Peace, Power, Pride, Reason, Respect, Religion, Security, Self-discipline, Self-esteem, Service, Spirituality, Strength, Supportiveness, Status, Trust, Truth, Wisdom

• When people seriously undertake to identify what really matters to them in their lives, what they want to be and to do, they become very reverent and try to live their lives with their ‘values’


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