Twitter Tricks And Tips: 5 Super Strategies To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Site!

The social revolution is sweeping the web like never before, and leading the pack are sites like Facebook and Twitter. It does seem that Twitter has been cast in the shadow of Facebook, but with several hundred millions Twitter users, you really should take a serious look at it. Anyone with the right attitude and abit of dedication can make Twitter work for them in terms of getting exposure to their products and services, and actually get great results.

Twitter has grown from a micro blogging service to what it is today in just the past few years. With such a rapid growth, it is obvious how much Twitter has become an important part of our lives. But, you need to realize that the power of any medium, especially when it comes to Internet marketing, lies in the amount of people you are able to attract on social sites. What are the steps you need to take to gain more exposure on Twitter for your products? In this article, I will share with you five important Twitter tricks and tips to get maximum targeted traffic and exposure to your site.

1) Twitter Tricks And Tips Number One, Bio Optimization: You have 160 characters with Twitter, so be sure to use them wisely. You should make it fun, interesting and give a reason for people to follow you. Write something sensible here that not only describes who you are but also showcases the purpose of your business. Others will have an easier time getting to know you and want to follow you if you are careful with your characters and creative with your approach.

2) Twitter Tricks And Tips Number Two, Relationship First: Start building a direct relationship with your followers and ease into driving traffic to your website. This is the only way Twitter will work. And to continue getting the best results from Twitter, make sure your messages are not all sales related. You can add a link to your website here and there, but obviously your followers don't want to be sold continuously. That would be totally cold and unprofessional.

3) Twitter Tricks And Tips Number Three, Be Genuine: You need to look and sound as real as possible. Be certain to give value, but throw in a little fun and be yourself. One of the major issues people face on the internet is trusting others. By using a real picture, and being genuine, people will realize you are there for them and you aren't trying to scam them, they will know they are able to trust you.

4) Twitter Tricks And Tips Number Four, Know Your Purpose: Having a main objective in mind before Tweeting is agood idea. You obviously want people to visit your website, but what then? The reason you're driving traffic to your Twitter page is because ultimately you want that traffic to convert. Having the choice of making a sale or getting a lead or even having the customer calling you should be decisions made well in advance. You will have better responses if you remain clear in this area.

5) Twitter Tricks And Tips Number Five, Leverage Your Tweets: Although Twitter has proven itself a valuable tool, in order to gain the best benefit, you should be using more than one social media tool. Make your Twitter account link with your Facebook or Myspace accounts so that your Tweets are automatically transferred over to those accounts without having to repost separately on each site.

As you can see from this article above there are important things you must continue to do with your Twitter account to stand out. Targeting the right market with Twitter can be an incredibly powerful tool, but don't forget to apply these Twitter tricks and tips. Happy Tweeting!


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