Where’s the Cash Working Capital and Cash Flow Loans and Finance For Canadian Business

Read all about it! Read all about it! Isn’t that what the newspaper crier says? Today Canada's two largest business newspapers, remarkably co incidental, had similar headings - ' Canadian Business Revving Up ‘, and the other paper - ' Lenders open financing taps to smaller business ' .

We guess it must be true, because it’s in the paper, right? But there must be something wrong with our plumbing because our client’s taps don’t seem to be flowing with cash flow and working capital offers!

Lets looks at what we consider a real world look at some business financing and lending issues around cash working capital and cash flow loans and finance for Canada's small and medium businesses .

A focus on one of these articles was that it was cheaper for small businesses to get business financing in place. Clearly Canadian chartered banks have the lowest cost of funds as well as the best rates and terms for business financing - its just that on occasion you cant get the funding you need based on bank criteria . We have nothing, by the way, against those bank criteria, because they're lending out our savings to your business. But the hard core reality is that bank financing and looser financing terms, as stated in the article, don’t really jive in our opinion.

In fact many of our clients we talk to are looking for alternative solutions to cash working capital challenges. And they are pleasantly surprised to hear from us that some of those solutions , although they have never heard of them exist, and in fact are becoming more mainstream

So can we share some of those ' secret ' solutions that are available to you today . Heard of C I D, or ABL, or even financing your tax credits? Those solutions are available to Canadian business today. C I D is confidential invoice discounting, and ABL is asset based lending. We strong feel that ABL is the wave of the future when it comes to cash flow loans and finance for Canadian business. Where else in the world can you get working capital funding for inventory, A/R, and even cash flow margining of your unencumbered equipment. Nowhere else, we can assure you of that.

We are pleased to hear that the articles we referenced the fact that during the recent recession (it has ended, right?) Many firms in fact looked to ' other sources of financing ‘.

In many cases the Canadian business owner and financial manager intuitively knows they have a working capital solution need, they simply don’t know their alternatives. Business owners must look to help with their cash cycle and balance the investment they have in A/R and inventory with their creditor payables.

There are new alternative solutions to the funding of working capital. So who can provide you with the best information on cash working capital solutions? You could try your bartender or barber or hair stylist, but quite frankly why not consider an expert instead! Seek and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can ensure cash flow loans and finance solutions that make sense are available to your firm.


Stan Prokop is the founder of 7 Park Avenue Financial . The firm specializes in business financing for Canadian companies     in the areas of working capital , asset based lending, SR & ED tax credit financing, equipment financing,  franchise financing and banking .


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