Home Based Bookkeeping Business

1) Business Cards and Business Stamps

Get free business cards at Vista Print, just pay shipping and handling. I started by getting 250 business cards for as little as $5.45. The free business cards come with the VistaPrint logo on the back, which was definitely worth it to me when just getting started and money is tight. Of course, you can always upgrade at anytime by paying additional charges.

You can get freeBusiness Stampsfrom VistaPrint by just paying shipping and handling as well. They have many different templates to choose from. I took advantage of the free address stamp, utilizing it for my initial mailings and accounts payable. If you decide to go with the address stamp, make sure to include your website address on the stamp too. It's a great way to gain free name recognition and advertising, and turn a negative (paying bills) into a positive. :)

2) Software

I use Quickbooks Accountant Premier Edition and recommend you use the same for your own home based business. The accountant edition allows you compatibility with all the different kinds of Quickbooks Premier software. It also allows you to work with the Accountants Changes so that your clients can continue with their daily tasks while you make adjusting journal entries.

3) Obtain an EIN or Ficticious Name

You can apply for an EIN number online by going to theIRS website. I personally feel that anyone who has their own business, whether they have employess or not, should file for a separate EIN number. For the simple reason that it's much safer than using your social security number on everything.

You don't have to file for a ficticious name for your home based bookkeeping business unless you are not using any part of your real name in the name of your business. If you are making up a completely new name, you can do a search to make sure the name is not already being used and file online at the IRS website as well.

For more information please visit my Home Based Bookkeeping Business page - I look forward to hearing from you!


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