5Linx Scam And The Facts About It

From the Desk of Stephanie Robey, Internet Entrepreneur

I do not work for 5Linx, nor am I a distributor. I do think this company is unique in their innovate technology sold through a MLM business model. I look at various MLM opportunities as a 3rd party, expert in this industry, offering an un-biased view to help people looking for home based business opportunities.

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Truth #1: The Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission prosecute and watch out for scams.

Check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to find out if there's proof of a 5Linx scam. The Internet moves rapidly. Regulating commerce, prosecuting and publicizing scam businesses is what they do.

The BBB and the FTC keep a history of complaints filed against any. They're fair though - they give companies an opportunity to respond to the complaint. You can see the track record and then make up your own mind as to whether or not you think a company is a scam.

Truth #2: Online Marketers effectively capture "eyeballs" by using the word scam.

Did you know that over 1 million people search online daily for opportunities to make more money?

  • Internet marketers know that their choice of keywords in online marketing are critical to getting in front of these people.
  • People use Google to do due-diligence on these home based business opportunities and when searching, they immediately click on the scam results.
  • Meaning, there are a lot of keyword searches for "Company Scam".
  • Smart marketers get their message in front of those people searching.
Just skip to the end of any video online, or scroll down to the bottom of any blogs or articles you find. You'll find a distributor pitching their company.

5Linx scam is the same. Try it.

Truth #3: Home Business Opportunities, MLMs and Direct Sales all tend to get a bad rap.

When most people think of home based businesses they tend to be very skeptical. Unfortunately, it's true.

Even Google thinks this and has really started to crack down on Internet marketers selling business opportunities. This is actually very fortunate. This will help to clean up the industry, get rid of the riff raff that prey on people's hopes and legitimize these businesses that genuinely do offer opportunity for people willing to work.

Those who don't abide by the rules will be required to pay large fines and will disappear from the Google search results. This would force an Internet business effectively to go belly up.

What does this have to do with the 5Linx scam?

Be very leery of people pitching a fast way to make millions. Any legitimate business wil require work and effort, bottom line.

Successful 5Linx business distributors know this and put the necessary work into it. Also required is some money. Regardless of what anyone says, it takes money to make money. All MLMs have a fairly large base of successful testimonies or they wouldn't have a business.

My advice:

  • Allow one year to get your business humming
  • Put your first earnings back into your business
  • Do it with our without the help of a sponsor

If someone is talking about a 5Linx scam, question them. Find out exactly what kind of action they took in starting their business. Chances are you'll find they didn't do much and that's also where youíll find the truth about the word scam. People love to blame the company on their own lack of effort.

For a comprehensive overview of the 5Linx Business (now that you know the truth about the 5Linx Scam) visit my blog. Click here to get FREE All-inclusive 5Linx Internet Training and Resources specifically for the folks at 5Linx: http://www.5Linx.ProMLMLeadGeneration.com


Stephanie Robey is President and CoFounder of Pivot Positive, LLC - an Internet marketing business focused on helping people start work at home ventures. Previously, she was employed at The Search Agency with over 20 years experience in graphic design and 10 years experience in online marketing. She was responsible for launching the Conversion Path Optimization (CPO) unit where she and her team have conducted hundreds of optimization tests for online companies across multiple verticals.

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