The Ultimate Source for Marketing Information

As a business owner you have all kinds of ideas about what

products and services you want to offer to your clients. If

you’re like me, you probably think about it a lot.

The question is, do your clients really want what you are

offering? Are you meeting their needs and helping them with

the issues that are most important to them?

Imagine being able to see inside of your client’s brains and

know what they are thinking. It is actually possible and you

don’t have to be a mind reader. The way to find out is to ask!

Yes, the ultimate marketing source is each of your clients.

They know better than anyone what they want and need. It seems

obvious yet many business owners don’t ask their clients

specific questions about how they can best serve them. To get

you started, here are some examples.

You can ask your clients questions about:

- Existing products and services

- New products and services

- The biggest obstacles they face

- What might be missing from your offer

So now you know what you want to find out, but how do you do

it? There are many ways to ask your clients are thinking.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

You can:

* Call them yourself

* Hire a third party to call them

* Send them a survey in the mail

* Create an on-line survey (Survey Monkey offers a free option and has a helpful demo)

Since you are asking your clients to spend a few minutes of

their time, it is normal to give them a reason to answer your

questions. What could you give to your clients as a way to say

thank you for their willingness to share their insights with


What about:

> Offer to include everyone who answers into a lottery to win a

valuable prize

> Give valuable information to everyone who completes the


> Offer a discount on future purchases to people who respond

Ready to stop guessing what your clients need and find out

directly from them what they really want? First, think about

the best questions you can ask. Questions that will reveal

information that you will be able to use to create products and

services that will really help your clients.

Next, take a look at your client base and decide on the best

method to use to ask them your questions. Then offer your

clients something in exchange for their cooperation. Once you

have the results of your survey, analyze it and create

something your clients are really waiting for!

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