How Mini Courses Work For An Internet Marketing Business

The mini-course is an effective tool in the hands of an internet marketing business owner. Of course, it is only effective if you know all the different steps involved with actually setting one up.

The first step is to send your visitor the first email. This is part 1 of your mini-course, and it welcomes them and provides the introductory lesson. This email is received immediately upon subscribing. Part 2 of the mini-course should be sent 2-3 days later on a different topic of the course. In the 3rd email, you may want to promote an affiliate program or product you want to sell. The 4th email should include part 3 of the mini-course. The key is the provide these emails in that 2-3 day period. 2-3 days is a good level of frequency.

When doing a product launch, if you are going to do a teleseminar, you do not have to launch the mini-course first. You can have the mini-course and the teleseminar happen at the same time. The mini-course gives you a reason for emailing your web site visitor 5 times in a 10-day period.

Once your visitor has received all of the parts to your mini-course, you should send emails featuring tips and strategies once every 7 days. This is like a newsletter for your internet marketing business. Both the mini-course and the newsletter should be loaded up into your autoresponder as follow up emails.
There is also another feature part of every autoresponder that allows you to email your list at the same time. This feature is referred to as a broadcast. In an internet marketing business a broadcast is used for time sensitive information. You can use it to promote upcoming events or to reminder your subscribers about deadlines for special offers you have made. A broadcast email gets emailed out to every subscriber that is currently subscribed to your list at the time you send it.
Hopefully, you now understand how to use a mini-course to drive repeat visitors back to your website. Implementing these strategies will result in more income from your internet marketing business.


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