The Stars Among Us-How to Find Them!

What would be the value of finding future superior performers, earlier in their careers?

Many top performing organizations, 47 % of those survey by Aberdeen Group recently, believe it has great value. Our own research leads us to believe that superior performers are seven times more productive than average.

Interestingly enough, we have found many future stars lurking among the average. The have the talent to be a top performer but for some reason or in some way they have gotten derailed, become discouraged and disengaged. I know, it is a sad story. But, there is hope.

I have found that most people with talent want to use it, and if given the chance, they will. Here is a strategy that is working while you are reading this article, and if you are still with me, the real value is yet to come. Our findings are: if you gather a group of average performers and give them real hope that you are going to give them tools to leverage their talent and become all they can, about 20 percent will make significant moves toward higher performance to make that effort worth the time and money.

Many talented people, simply do not know how to apply their talent, and given an opportunity to do so, many will race toward the opportunity. Here is a simple, but effective plan to help talented people get better, faster.

1. Help them discover their talent and/or strengths

2. Define Superior Performance, for them.

3. Show them how they can leverage their talent to perform in a superior way

4. Touch them regularly with focused encouragement and accountability

5. Measure their results and share with them.

Help Them Discover Their Talents

Most organizations now utilize some form of assessment to help them hire good people. Some of those assessments are good and some are not. As an owner/manager it really is your job to know the talents of those you hire and make sure they know them as well. Do your homework and pick a good psychometric assessment to evaluate potential before you hire.

Define Superior Performance

Superior performance means different things to different people. Make sure your people understand what superior performance means in your organization or department.

Show Them How To Leverage Their Talents

Knowing how to apply their talent in a way that maximizes impact is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to be a superior performer. Many times talented people know they are good but are not certain other people do. Break the ice, let them know you know their strengths and show them how to leverage their strengths in this particular job.

Touch Them To Offer Encouragement

Everybody needs encouragement now and then. You be the encourager. Meet with them regularly i.e. monthly or as often as they need encouragement.

Measure Results

Everyone wants to know how they are doing. Measure results and tell them, but don't stop there. Show them how they can improve.

"Everyone Wants to be a Star"



Stephen is a Marketeer, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host and the Head Headhunter at GMS Talent   . GMS is a One-of-a-Kind Talent Acquisition and Performance Management consultancy. We specialize in finding people for the "hard-to-fill positions, anywhere in the world. Please visit our website: and visit the blog about our recent book"The Target-The Secret to Superior Performance:

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