Email Marketing- The Basics

What is it?

The people who are unfamiliar with the term email marketing, many a times wonder what is it all about, how do marketing executives do it and why they go for this approach. Many of us assume that this mode of marketing and advertising the brand has been out dated and goes into the mail box spam folder. There have been alternatives to it like instant messages or web feeds which are clever and efficient, but they have not replaced email marketing. It is still a reliable resort to facilitate marketing and is very widely practiced all over. It offers many benefits in today’s ever changing and dynamic environment. The results showing how effectively email marketing has profited the organizations in promotion and selling their services is quite evident and encouraging. There are a variety of reasons why email marketing is adopted by a lot of strategists and SEO's.

  • It lets you set the target: Be it in terms of circulating the messages or the frequency of sending emails. It helps in establishing the goals in a definite manner and objectively.
  • It is driven by data: Emails contain data that is significant and relevant data which gives them a firm backing. It collates and presents facts in a formally organized manner
  • It directly drives the sale prospects of a company or a brand
  • It helps to bridge the communication gap between two parties, build a relationship of trust and loyalty.
  • It gives additional channels to support and streamline the sales process
  • Latest marketing services or solutions rendered through emails support integration of databases
  • The advanced methods and technological enhancements can send emails to bulk number of recipients which can be sent on the fly which is customized to each recipient.
  • Promoting your brand through email produces a quick and immediate action.
  • Email newsletters help in dissemination of content, spread awareness and contribute to branding.
Use your mind and do not get carried away

It is only a tool, extracting out benefits from it is completely dependent on the timing and the way it has been used. It can fetch extremely useful results and hit the bull’s eye, provided that the basics are worked upon in the right way. There are intricate things involved in the email marketing strategy that have to be taken care of. It requires a lot of home work to be done in the prior stages. Zeroing down the segment of people to whom your mails will make sense i.e. the target recipients. Then craft the message in accordance to what would draw their attention and what they would be expecting from your services. Once these things are directed in the right direction, the next thing to explore is the spectrum of more specific ways of approaching and convincing the people. For example, a recent report stated that the use of web analytics for email campaigns can result in an output which is nine times more and profit up to eighteen times more than those of mails which are broadcasted.


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