4 Landscaping Business Resources for Landscapers

Working in the lawn and garden field for a few years and completing a landscape design course are helpful in starting your own landscaping business. However, there are some important issues that you may not know about yet.

Rather than waiting until you make a costly mistake or drive your business into the ground, there is a simple solution. Online resources can help you with these essential issues such as how to structure your company, how to find customers, how to promote your business on the internet and regulations and legal issues that apply to landscaping businesses.

1. Sample Business Plans

One of the most helpful resources for starting a landscaping business is a sample business plan. With a sample plan, you can see examples of how other landscapers have started their businesses. You can get a better understanding of potential start-up costs, marketing strategies, business management and operations and more.

Seeing a business plan example will of course help you in writing your own business plan. Palo Alto Software sells business planning software, but also shares sample plans. You can search their site for landscaping business plans and view several samples for free.

2. Sample Sales Letter

Rather than waiting for homeowners to contact you and risk the chance of them choosing your competitor, why not reach out to them first? This may sound easier said than done, especially if you do not have a background in marketing.

However, what if you had a pre-written sales letter that you could simply deliver to those homeowners? Microsoft has a free sales letter template for landscaping businesses that you can customize with your company name and contact information. You can download it directly from their website for free as long if you own Microsoft Office software.

3. Custom Landscaping Business Websites

More important today than ever before are company websites. You can show off a portfolio of your work and provide information on your skills and experience so potential customers can get to know you. With a professional web presence, you can make a great first impression on clients before they even meet you.

However, most landscapers do not know how to build a website or want to spend the time creating one.

That is where site development companies like Landscape Websites come in handy. You can get a website built for your landscaping business, or you can apply easy-to-use tools to build one quickly yourself - with design templates included.

4. Landscape Business Networks

You can join a professional business network specifically for landscapers, like the Planet Professional Land Care Network. Besides having the traditional benefits of a membership organization, they have industry professional who will help answer your questions on topics like landscaping regulations, safety issues, human resources questions and more.

There are lots of free and low-cost resources on the internet that can help you start and grow your landscaping business.You just need to look, and you can easily give your company a competitive advantage so that customers will be calling you first.

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