Benefits of a Marketing Strategy

The benefits of a marketing strategy are obvious for any business owner. A marketing strategy is designed to help you bring in more customers. However, these benefits seem to be even more important for online business owners simply because of the sheer magnitude of potential customers on the Internet. You may own a brick and mortar store where you sell dog supplies in Brisbane. Before you purchased or leased a property you probably examined the surrounding area pretty carefully to determine your income potential. You probably acquired statistical data on the number of dog owners in the area as well as information on their spending tendencies in regard to their dogs. This information enabled you to choose an ideal location for your shop. However, when you open an online shop there is no such thing as an ideal location. Just by being available online and offering shipping options, you make yourself available to a much larger audience than if you own a traditional store. Now it becomes much more important to make sure you are marketing to this vast audience in the best possible manner.

The first thing you need to determine is your target audience. This may sound contradictory because we just said you are available to an incredibly large audience. However, just because you are available to this audience does not mean you will be able to sell to this large group. Instead you have to break it down into a smaller subgroup of Internet users who are likely to be interested in your products. Think about an original way in which you can market your products and use this angle to attract your target audience.

Next take a good look at the products or services you offer. You should already be very familiar with your product line but look even closer and try to determine the benefits of your products. Think about what your customers gain from purchasing your products. This is important because when you realise why customers need your products, you have a better understanding of how to tap into this need to create a sense of urgency for potential customers.

In conclusion, take the time to list the different marketing methods you will use. Your business may be exclusively online but this does not mean your marketing has to be exclusively online. Other media such as newspapers, television and radio are still available to you. If your target audience is likely to be using these media and you have the budget to market in these avenues, you should definitely take advantage of these opportunities to grow your client base.


Sue Cooper is an SEO Consultant with HomePage Development, a website development company that understands the whole process of firstly building a user friendly and functional website, and secondly, ensuring the site is of a high caliber within the search engines to drive a profitable return on investment for the business owner...

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