The Importance of Building Your Business Reputation Online

If you want to be taken seriously as a successful online business owner, you need to build a serious online business reputation. Preferably one that will encourage people to trust you and your products/services. And while some might try to convince you otherwise, a good reputation cannot be bought for the price of a good website, some clever SEO practices, and some fake social networking attempts.

The problem with reputations is that they can take years to build up. Rome may not have been built in a day, but it was very probably built quicker than a good reputation. Many newcomers to the online business world have been swayed by fancy promises of making money faster than Michale Shumacher can get round the grand prix circuit.

In reality, if you are looking to build a successful business, then the same principles apply online as they do offline.


Make sure you keep any promises you make to your customers. If you offer a guarantee, then honour it. If you promise not to share the details of people who subscribe to your newsletter, don't share them. When you tell your customers their orders will be fulfilled by a certain date, make sure their orders are fulfilled by that date.

The list could go on, but I'm sure you get the idea. If your customers know they can trust you, they will return time after time. And they won't hesitate to recommend your business to their friends. Being trustworthy is the single biggest weapon in your reputation arsenal.


Being honest and upfront with your customers will be the single biggest reason you give them for trusting you. Don't 'oversell' your product or your service. Don't make out that your product will do something it won't. Touching up photos on your website to convince someone that your skin cream will make them look 20 years younger might help you sell a few jars to a few people but I can guarantee your orders will soon dry up. Not only will the customers who bought from you, never buy anything else, but they'll be sure to tell all their friends not to buy from you either.

Remember that in the offline world your business reputation is usually limited to customers within a relatively small geographical location. However, in the online world, your reputation (or lack of it) is global. If you're trying to build a real business then don't underestimate the power of a good reputation. The time spent on establishing your business as an honest, reliable, trustworthy organisation will help ensure it's future success.


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