Are You Too Smart to Succeed

When we worked in our educational consulting business in Germany many years ago, kids came to us because they were not able to get the grades they wanted. When working with them we saw the following scenario played out over and over again.

These children weren’t slow learners or stupid, they were actually too smart.

When taking an exam these brilliant students would see so many complex ways to answer test questions that their answers were far too complicated. The teachers who evaluated their test could not make sense of these advanced answers and the students received failing marks as a result.

These kids needed to learn how to simplify their thinking and how to answer questions the way teachers wanted them to.

When working with Entrepreneurs and Business Owners we see the same phenomenon repeated.

A very smart client thinks up a brilliant business idea. Then another one and then another one. Ideas just pour from their mind.

When they begin implementation they have even more ideas and all of a sudden they have hundreds of different directions they could potentially follow.

The list of to do items in their head increases. Sooner or later they feel so overwhelmed that they decide this business idea wasn’t good after all and they don’t further pursue it.

Brilliant school kids need to learn how to relate to the simple way a teacher wants certain questions answered.

Genius adults need to learn how to simplify their thinking too, so they can create structures that make their business successful too.

If Your Smartness is Getting the Best of You Try This Exercise

One exercise that is very effective in slowing your thinking down is an exercise taught by BrainGym® called Hook-Ups. Here’s how it works.

Stand up, cross your left ankle over the right and extend your arms. Cross your left wrist over your right wrist and interlace your fingers.

Draw your hands up towards your chest and hold that position for one minute. Breathe deeply and relax.

Do this exercise for a couple of minutes and you will find your thoughts slow down.

We See the Same Thing Over and Over Again

People use their smartness as a disadvantage rather than making their brilliance work for them. They often have no idea how much more they can achieve when they simplify their thinking and focus on implementing only one idea at a time. They completely under estimate their capabilities.


Susanna continuously demonstrated how living her natural genius makes fast and seemingly impossible career moves easy and fulfilling. With a successful corporate career in both Germany and the United States, Susanna Lange has managed advertising projects for BMW and BMW Bank, sold information services to top pharmaceutical companies and co-developed Fit for Learning, a highly effective program that has helped hundreds of children experience quantum leaps in educational settings. Susanna was able...

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