Law of Attraction Marketing - Attract Your Ideal Coaching Clients When You Embrace Your Inner Helping Guru

As a solo coach building your practice and reaching the right people is about discovering your gift and embracing that it is not something you do, it is not your profession or your title, it is a gift. One of the concepts I teach is that marketing is a moral obligation. People kind of scratch their heads and say, "Marketing is a moral obligation?"

It really is if you get clear about two things - what your gift is and who needs you most - if you don't market to that group of people, share what you have available, how you can help them, solve problems, and support and benefit them, you are really not fulfilling your moral obligation.

We're all given a gift for a reason and it is about what you do with that gift, or embracing that inner helping guru that is essential.

And making a good living at sharing your gift is also a moral obligation, because it allows you to pay your bills and have a lifestyle that empowers you to continue teaching and benefiting more and more people. Remember that concept the next time you're feeling unsure about stating your rates, raising your rates, or setting your payment policies.

I would very seriously doubt that there are many people in the coaching world that don't already know what that is for them - what that special gift or talent is.

To embrace it is to agree to put it at the forefront of your message and share it with others so that you can really make a difference.


Suzanne is most commonly referred to as an "action expert". She has lectured, trained, inspired, and provided coaching and consulting services to thousands of business owners in the last two years alone. After working for the nation's largest union, being a professional actress, a nationally ranked water skier, a high school teacher, and an Assistant Producer to five Broadway shows (all before the age of 30), Suzanne began using her life experiences to coach a wide range of people on living ...

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